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Second day of Armageddon and the queue that was characteristic of the even yesterday was gone. Today lots of people were already inside by the time we arrived. Somehow.

For those of you who missed it, here's the video of the guy who wet the stage yesterday.

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Anyway, today we saw superman and batgirl

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The frog was here too

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And a colorful skirted um... captain america?

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We saw a big awesome ringed weapon too

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And SHANA!!! Needs moar zettai

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Mario brothers are back again.

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And suddenly we found gold in the event. Cirno And Ranka!!

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And Reimu and Marisa! I was seriously never expecting to see Touhou characters pop out here.

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We also found a Haruhi.

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Soon, we got tired of hanging around not doing anything and went for lunch for a bit.

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And when we got back we found them dancing to all sorts of things, like Caramelldansen and Hare Hare Yukai.

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Awesome Touhou is awesome.

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And we have Nozomu all ready to go ZETSUBOUSHITA.

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We even saw a little wookie

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And moar of the same naruto cosplay.

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Later that day there was a cosplay contest, and IMO the Touhou group was the single most awesome group with their awesome Perfect Math Class, Danjo and other awesome bits of win from the interwebs.

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And they won a prize too, in the novice section for their costumes, which was awesome. I so look forward to more Touhou in Armageddon! Anyway, I'm completely busted from sorting these photos. Will upload the good ones to the gallery once I'm done with them.

(update) Touhou performance during the cosplay show

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