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Last week I travelled to the equator in a commercial jet that had a logo that resembled multiple less than signs and a glyph. It was a long flight due to the distance between the moon and Earth. After a long tiring few days of running around and meeting people in Singapore and Malaysia, I can finally blog about this trip.

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Since we flew over the Southern Alps of New Zealand in the morning, the precipitate was hovering at a low altitude above sea level and covered the areas between the volcanic mountains of the south island.

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There were also indications of storm clouds in their early stages of formation above the sea.

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Soon it was breakfast time, and we were served some very appetizing meals. Kagami enjoyed it a lot.

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Eventually we found ourselves flying over the incredibly featureless Australian desert.

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There were many things to see, like where water once flowed.

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There were also remains of mining fields.

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Despite flying over the desert in midday, high up in the sky the air was extremely cold. And a tree of ice decided to form at my window.

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Eventually we approached the equator, where extremely huge clouds like these are the norm.

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As we descended the said tree of ice eventually melted into something resembling broccoli made of water droplets.

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We approached Singapore, characterized by the huge number of large ships that are always present in its waters.

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This is Changi Airport's brand new terminal 3. Its got very nice huge open spaces on an island where space is supposed to be limited, and nice carpets that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Now, I haven't specifically mentioned the purpose of this trip. But in short, it's to pay a little visit to the owners of NK-DS, The Bonkurasu Brigade, Reinforce Network and W.I.F.I. Here I am putting my pawmarks on what appears to be called a 'contract' in human parlance.

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After heading down to the hotel and dropping the luggage, we went out for an awesome meal at a local food store. Hawkers serve the best food IMO.

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Then we went to step on some machines at an arcade.

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And try our hand at drumming. Of course, we the bunny, wolf, b0tan, loli, guitar and biscuit were wearing our human disguises to not alarm the local population by making them realize the existence of intelligent beings other than themselves.

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When I decided to try and use a Singaporean SIM card, the stupid phone decided to break down on me again. FFFF what a piece of rubbish.

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The next day, me, Kagami and the wolf went over to Marina Barrage. We stopped outside the Marina Bay MRT station and found a nice view of tall buildings in front of us.

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First we needed to walk under a bridge to get to a bus stop. Then using a certain shuttle bus, we arrive at Marina Barrage.

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I believe only the Singaporeans have the kind of resourcefulness to turn a water level control system into a nice little tourist attraction and recreation center.

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There are nice fountains where you can play with water as an escape from the intense tropical heat.

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The way to the barrage is through a set of spiral pathways that border the large fields and lookouts that sit above.

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The Singaporeans also have enough sense to prepare for the future, by placing a nice boat on a height which allows them to safely use it in case of a catastrophic flood ala 2012.

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Much to my surprise Drossel turned out to have hidden herself in one of my bags all the way here. Very naughty of her. After a giving her a good scolding, which turned out to be fairly useless, I decided maybe her twintailness will accompany Kagami really well.

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So while the girls enjoyed the windy platform, we set up our photography gear.

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Drossel notices a kite, and said she wants to ride one. Of course, we didn't let her.

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And Kagami looks pretty in front of the platform overlooking the barrage.

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We notice a stone on the side of one of the walls.

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Kagami continues to model for us in front of various Singaporean landmarks.

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The wolf attempts ultramacrophotography.

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Chilling against the Singaporean sky.

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Kagami wants to check out the little tent on the other side of the barrage.

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Turns out it houses a little glass shelter for a stairway down to the barrage proper.

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Soon it was time for lunch, and we had to pack our bags and head off.

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But we didn't quite have enough, so we went down to find more little artifacts of interest. Kagami found this one.

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Metal sculpture pose!

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After a bit of walking and some buses, we finally arrive at Marina Square, where I was given another monster drop.

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For lunch, we ordered dessert, and Kagami's mouth watered to no end.

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After eating our fill, we headed down to Marina Bay and discovered that the boat looked like a sausage.

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There was a ferris wheel too

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We walked around the area of Marina Bay where the Helix Bridge was. Due to construction, half of it was closed.

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All the construction work seemed to be towards the Youth Olympics that were going to be held in Singapore soon.

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We spotted more metal art below.

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There was a flower garden below the Helix Bridge too, so we decided to head there and take pictures of the local tropical flowers.

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Kagami under the bridge.

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Chillout session with the evil overlord from Collateral Damage Studios

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Next we headed to Funan, a nearby shopping place that claims it provides a lot of digital life whatever that meant.

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We did find insects in the mall though. Perhaps humans aren't that afraid of other intelligent races?

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Kagami sits on a deer's nose.

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Much to my surprise, I found advertisement for a Maid Cafe too.

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And health accessories.

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After some browsing and firing NERF guns, we decided to head off again.

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After visiting some anime and card shops, we headed off to have some dinner.

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After that, it was head-off-to-sleep-time to gather energy for the next day...

(to be continued)

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