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I know very well how they feel. After living for years on end in a cold country like New Zealand, spending time near the equator where the temperature is a constant 30C is capable of driving people to extreme measures to cool themselves down.

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I tried swimming wear too. But I didn't wear a girl's swimsuit. Only Kagami did. But it only made me want to jump into the pool.

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I tried putting my head against the aquarium. It was fairly cool but not as cool as you'd like it to be. Thankfully my aquarium didn't have a thermostat, so it was always quite cool.

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Lying on the table didn't work however, it heated up to my temperature fairly quickly.

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So I decided to be "one with the heat". Like the saying goes: if you can't beat them, join them. Didn't end too well though. I ended up soaking my clothes with sweat.

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Next I tried ghost stories, since it sends "shivers up your spine". It didn't help though because while I felt shivers, I felt nowhere as cold, and my brother barging into the house didn't help either. That made me jump and I felt hot again.

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So I surrounded myself with big posters of Antarctica and imagined that I was sitting in the snow just like in New Zealand, but the posters stopped the air from flowing and the room just heated up from the sunshine.

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So sitting in front of the fan and humming into the blades kept me occupied for a while.

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I found some ice in the fridge and ate it to keep cool then. But after that my mouth just went all cold, and I felt hot again. Of course, I didn't fill a pail up with ice because I didn't have that much around.

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After watching the entire episode, I realized I forgot I had an air conditioner in my room. That's what happens when you leave home for too long. You forget about even your own room.

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