Jul 23

I am currently on what is fast becoming an annual trip to Auckland to attend Doujin Overload. This year instead of TragicComedy, I will be manning the Collateral Damage Studios booth in Doujin Overload. However, the event is tomorrow. Today I just came to Auckland to chill.

Kagami didn’t look too happy with me drawing girls to pass the time. We talked, but only when we were trying to solve the puzzle. Unfortunately even the moderate puzzle was too easy.

Auckland’s airport has a bus service that drives you to the city, because its a very long drive. You buy a ticket here and then board a bus that tries its best to come every 15 minutes. A return ticket is $23 and a one way ticket is $16. So we bought a return because we needed to come back.

Walking down the road to the hotel.

After we settled down, we got up and started looking for places to chill at, and found this small passageway down a street.

At the end of it was a large balcony with an awesome view of the city’s buildings.

This place made me wish I had my wide angle lens with me.

We sat down on a bench nearby and enjoyed the view for a while.

Next we headed down to the glittering city.

The city is busy even at night. Well, it was actually 6 o’clock in the evening.

Me and Kagami found an awesome office lobby

It had really cool vibes.

At the lifts.

There was also a group of people dancing and singing in the city.

Expensive shops

Lots more glittering city

The most prominent feature of Auckland city’s skyline, the skytower.

The Hyatt Hotel, where Doujin Overload will be held. If and of you are going, see you there!

We saw an interesting little walkway down to somewhere, but Kagami was already itching to get home.

So we had a final look at the city over the hill and walked back.

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3 Responses to “Trip to Auckland”

  1. 1. optimisticpenguin Says:

    oh you in Auckland to go to Doujin!!! I am going there tomorrow too XD

    We should have a meet up!!! I am heading over to city at around 1pm to go check it out for a few hours in the afternoon.

  2. 2. jaser Says:

    Remember to take lots of photos at the event. And don’t leave out any details!

    Oh and do be careful and watch over Kagami lest some kid thinks she’s for sale again and takes off with her.

  3. 3. ineser Says:

    This time hes going alone…
    /me lazy going there >_>

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