Jul 25

Doujin Overload again! This year I was much less of a stalker and more of a seller, and only thanks to a trusty sidekick was I able to run around with a knifecamera and find more gold for myself!

Got in early in the morning to get the booth ready. Doujin Overload is an event by anime fans for anime fans where everyone sells their own artwork/keychains/products that are anime related.

Everyone’s busy setting up too!

This Azusa caught my eye. All of a sudden I want it D=.

And more very nice 1:4 figurines.

There were dolfies too. Not too keen on those though.

Soon the event picket up, and people were starting to flood into the place.

Soon it was time to sell the stock!

But the most important part of the event to me was… the cosplayers!

This year’s cosplaying was much much better than last year.

Especially when you have an awesome Data Sentient Entity Humanoid Interface walking around and keeping the peace.

There was lots of Touhou going on in the cosplay scene this year too, which was the awesomeness. Yukari~

There were so-so ones as well,

There were some very fearsome name-writing lolis too!

And an extraordinary Miku walking around like a princess.

Of course, mixed into the pure win is always the inevitable eyecancer.

There were awesome butlers too! Butlers HAVE to be called Sebastian after all.

Also there was some really really awesome Black Rock Shooter stuff going on from Christchurch! Kudos to these girls who are always ahead of the pack.

There was also a Haruhi, which was admittedly over9000 times better than the last one.

The military sent their regards too!

And one of my favorite Touhou Project characters, Aya!

… along with our 9baka fairy Cirno!

We also have more awesome gothloli gracing our sights.

… and Celty’s selling doujin! O_O.

I saw a Konata too!

But the best part of all was the presence of an awesome twintailer in the vicinity all the time, which was awesome.

We can’t forget our furry friends too!

And making a special cameo appearance is: The Stig.

Finally, on one of my last go arounds in the room, I spotted an awesome dolfie of Maria, which actually looks the part! It may just be the undoing of my no-dolfie policy.

Overall, it was an awesome pedobear-approved event where I had a lot of fun, enjoyed talking to all our extremely friendly cosplayers and met some awesome artists. Kudos to the organizers, Graphic Novel Cafe for making the anime scene look so big. Rest assured we will continue to support the heroes of our local anime community.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you on behalf of Collateral Damage Studios, Ichitakaseto, Tiyoro, Bane, Siua and Kuonn P to all those who bought our artbook! We almost sold out thanks to all of you! We hope to make more awesomeness for you in the future and hope you’ll continue supporting us in the future!

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112 Responses to “Doujin Overload 2010”

  1. 1. SnowWaltz Says:

    =A=;;; lolwhutastalkershot!!!
    i hope you weren’t trying to get an “up-skirt” xD LOL
    anyways i’d be happier if you could remove it from here ^^;;; lol thanks

  2. 2. astrobunny Says:

    I’m sorry man, it’s too much win to take off. My fingers get burned when I touch the delete button for that pic. BUT I didn’t put your face there though because that would’ve been ultra-incriminating ._.

    I’ve framed a frontal shot though, and added it to my box of awesome. I hope you don’t mind (^ o ^)

    Just kidding.

  3. 3. SnowWaltz Says:

    LOL WTF DOH!!! xDDDD. Hopefully its an ok shot lol.. im not very photogenic…^^;;;; but lulz

  4. 4. AkaiWolf Says:

    Lol, i sure enjoyed the dinner… i totally want to go back again for it. D:
    mmmn. i’m still thinking of what to label the night shots as for a post… hopefully i’ll think of one soon. also, if you want the photos you NEED to set autoaccept or i can’t send you..

  5. 5. Kesenaitsumi Says:

    The Haruhi, Goth-loli girl, and Yuki Nagato is the best cosplayer this time. ^^ Loved their photo.

  6. 6. Eyecancer Says:

    I had a bet on whether or not I’d get flamed on you blog. ‘Eyecancer’ was particularly nice.
    Kudos for the $10!

  7. 7. kager Says:

    you’re an asshole but thats ok we all know it

  8. 8. Mischa Says:

    I think you are disgusting. What sort of man calls teenage girls “eyecancer”.

    I hope your cock rots off.

  9. 9. kager Says:

    Also I doubt it’d be appropriate with you commenting on 3D people when you so obviously prefer 2D over 3D. I’m sorry I cannot respect your sense on what is beautiful.

  10. 10. Ebaums World Says:

    You, good sir, have stepped in the shit once again this year. Well done.

  11. 11. Cirno Says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t rattle more cosplayers out this year. But please, leave the young ones out of this. Those girls are mature and can probably handle this by the looks of the above comment, but they are way too young for you to pick on.

  12. 12. Haruhi Says:

    You know how you got a hard-on over the ‘twintailer’? That was actually a very convincing trap.

    Kudos to your now confused boner.

  13. 13. Rena Says:

    you called 13 year olds eye cancer?
    you sir, are a douche.

  14. 14. your mom Says:

    I think it can be summarized down to the fact you have a Japanese lolifetish. The Haruhi from this year was way more inaccurate from the one last year, which just goes to show your bias.

  15. 15. 名無し Says:

    ^ I understand, “2D loli is what makes us all fulfilled as human-beings.” Is what you wanted to say right?

    Note: A trap is awwww good too.

  16. 16. N Says:

    I never thought that someone would sink so low as to call a 13 year old cosplayer “eyecancer”.
    You really piss me off.

  17. 17. EyeCancerTwin Says:

    Oh my god that is the most attractive picture of us everrrrrr.
    But, um, lol.
    We are 13. We barely know how to sew. We [or I, so my twin doesn’t get more upset] are not the skinniest cosplayers out there. We were aware we didn’t look the best. You really didn’t need to make that comment.
    tl;dr: You’re a douchebag.

  18. 18. Nii-chan Says:

    Eyecancer? DUDE, Wtf are you on??
    Those two are frickin’ adorable! If anything, it’d be their cuteness burning your eyeballs!
    You seriously got no taste, good luck marrying a figurine~~! 8DD

  19. 19. Astorina Says:

    You sir, are a fucking douchfag. Your sense of reality has warped to the degree of a 2D-Waifu-loving-otaku.

    I hope you know how much of a fucking asshole calling 13 year olds eyecancer. Seriously, you could get sued for verbal defamation.

  20. 20. Sel Says:

    It’s clear that you still see the cosplayers as some sort of Wild Gifts for you to freely to pick and jazz on. It’s appalling that you are picking on two thirteen year old, incredibly smart and insightful girls, but you know what? I feel worse for the people who you liked, because even though the cosplayers didn’t put in all those efforts into being your fap to, in your mind it’s all they are though, isn’t it.

    It’s one thing to have some fetish for palm-sized plastic lumps portraying underaged girls. It’s even almost not-so-gross if it’s just that you love to advertise to rest of the world about your fetish. tt’s altogether something else though, that you expect rest of the world, the real people, to cater and bow down for you like that. Whether it’s to be an ass to people who don’t fit into your fuckable criteria, or it’s being an utter creep to people who you deem fuckable, but they were never interested in you to start with.

    Bitch about the “bitter cosplayers” all you want, the fact that the people you complimented were utterly creeped out by you, and they figured you were trying to do an upskirt on them, is pretty telling.

  21. 21. astrobunny Says:

    Please feel free to express yourselves on this blog. I have a policy of not deleting posts because I believe in freedom of speech. But please be aware that depending on what you post you may not help meaningful discussion. Please do not abuse the comment system by impersonating the Touhou twins, or anyone that I diss, because this will not help them in any way. Remember that this is an internationally read blog, and depending on what you say, you will embarrass yourself and your people as a whole.

    Also, I like 2D. If you don’t like that then suck on it.

    And good on you to the guy who earned $10.

  22. 22. Cirno Says:

    The twins themselves posted haha, why wouldn’t they? I did last year. I am the Cirno cosplayer, not impersonating anyone. Last year, I was the Mikuru you dissed. So I am having fun laughing at you dissing me one year and not the next because I am exactly the same person. The Haruhi this year was LARGELY innaccurate and honestly boring. She didn’t suit her character and she didn’t try.

    You have embarrassed yourself more than we ever will. Many people have expressed concern over your appearance at these events. You are obviously not safe for young girls to be around.

  23. 23. Wife Says:

    Those were not impersonations, and your blog has pissed off a large number of people. And yes, this is an international blog. Therefore everyone you reads it can see what a douchebag you are.

    Well Done.

  24. 24. Eyecancer Says:

    I _AM_ actually the Fail!Remilia. Seriously.
    13 year olds know how to use the internet as well.
    After being butthurt for awhile, I’ve sobered up – you have your entitlement to your opinion, but as somebody who’d personally not have THAT picture floating ’bout the interwebs with eyecancer as the caption underneath, I object to it being placed on your blog (More so because it’s not just me, but my sister as well) – okay, fine, freedom of speech and no deleting.

    I acknowledge that I didn’t do a great job on that particular cosplay – as well that I need to lose a fair bit of chub before I can properly cosplay my favourite characters. But as a future reference, and since this is the second year the cosplay community has risen to something posted on your blog , maybe it would be wise just to focus on what you believe are the positive aspects of the community – honestly. I would whinge about how it’s damaged my self-confidence, or how u suk so much lolol i h8 u, but I’ve somehow managed to learn to be mature on teh interwebs.

    Ahur. Just a thirteen year old given her opinion :p

  25. 25. Ebaums World Says:

    And before you claim you checked IPs, shockingly, there were two people in my house this weekend! More than one person can exist on an IP address, so don’t try and use that as an excuse like last year.

    This is an international blog, and the entire world can read up in detail how detached from reality you are.

  26. 26. kager Says:

    Also you’ll be amazed that not all of us are impersonator. I am the very same Kage (the r was a typo. I’m too lazy to change it. So sue me and flame me for all i care) and Haruhi you dissed last year. I am not in the least bit offended over the comparison you made. I am only very pissed by calling amazingly mature 13 year olds eye cancer. You’d never have been as mature as them at 13 and you’re not any better now that you’ve over 20. Good luck in life.

  27. 27. astrobunny Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Remilia. Obviously not everyone has as constructive a mind as you.

    @Cirno, I believe overall this year’s cosplayers are much better, and the failures last year have done a better job to fit themselves into a role. This is an honest opinion, so be proud of yourself to have done a good job.

  28. 28. Duckeh Says:


    I was wondering if you are actually on staff or not?

    If you are, this is stupid and is making this event look terrible. If not, you’re still acting atrociously. If you are I feel obliged to contact Seong over how terrible and awkward you are making his patrons feel. It’s not cool.

    You’re representing this event and turning a lot of people off it, regardless if you’re on staff or not. Your constant obsession with ‘lolis’ and your favourable disposition towards younger girls is disturbing.

    And despite you being the center of your world, you are not of others. Many cosplayers only do half hearted cosplays to DO, and they still look amazing. They’re not there to impress you, they are there to have fun.


  29. 29. Ebaums World Says:

    It actually makes me giggle that the twins are the least willing to tear you a new one.

  30. 30. Static Says:

    I love how you took pictures of thirteen year old girls explicitly to put them on the net and humiliate them. You are actually a piece of slippery green shit, and I will be making a complaint to the organisers of Doujin Overload (or just Overload as it is now) that you’re a pervert, and damaging the reputation of the event.

    This is unacceptable. Employees of a business wouldn’t get away with it, so why should a stallholder at a public event? Nice one, mate.

  31. 31. Cirno Says:

    To be honest, I don’t care what you think of me, so no, I won’t be proud of myself because you say so. I suited Mikuru and I liked cosplaying her. To us, cosplay is about the FUN and LEARNING in how to construct certain costume pieces and portraying certain characters. There are no roles to be fit and I feel sick that you are sorting us out in your head. I did a good job this year, I did a good job last year and so did every single cosplayer out there. Yeah, some are better than others, we all recognise this. But at the end of the day, we all treat each other as equals no matter of talent or beauty or age. We look up to the better cosplayers, but they are still our friends. We aren’t in America where cosplayers are famous and professional, we are all on the same level here.

  32. 32. Ebaums World Says:

    tl;dr do not insult a community of peers – while we are of differing skill levels, we are all on the same level as Cirno says, so when you step on one of our tails, we all turn around and bite you.

    I will be seconding Static’s formal complaint about your conduct.

  33. 33. Haruhi Says:

    I was actually the Suiseiseki you seemed to love so much last year. I was a bunny!Haruhi this year, I’m surprised you missed me.

    What I’m confused about is what you determine is a ‘good’ cosplay? Neither cosplay I wore to Doujin Overload was made by me, but you still seemed to prefer my borrowed Suiseiseki over everyone elses extremely amazing homemade costumes?

    If it’s all about moe for you, then you definitely need to redefine your expectations for cosplay because for most cosplayers it’s NOT about moe. We do NOT cosplay for YOUR pleasure. We cosplay for us.

  34. 34. Kiki Says:

    Keep your loli complex to yourself next time, instead of posting it so openly. Why bother writing a blog if you are just gonna be a douche to wonderful cosplayers. They put in so much time and effort with their costumes, and you just have to go and be a bitch about it.

    Also in regards to the haruhi and Mikuru’s from last year / Haruhi from this year. Well for starters, the hair is the wrong length. The haruhi and Mikuru from last year were fantastic and suited their costumes, AND the costumes were really well made. All you seem to care about is if the cosplayer is hot and skinny.

    In my eyes, this is just not right.

  35. 35. Haruhi Says:

    Oh. And also how you weren’t willing to show Jeri’s face because that would be incriminating?

    Hello, hypocritical douchebag.

  36. 36. astrobunny Says:

    That is fair enough, Cirno. It is good that you had fun. While you and I may differ in opinion about cosplay in general, I believe that we both had good fun and made good memories during the event, and that is where I believe the real success of the event lies.

  37. 37. EyeCancerTwin Says:

    It seems like everything I wanted to say has already been said by my sister, but I’ll just ask if you can please delete this blog. It’s obviously caused a large commotion in the cosplay community and has upset nearly everyone involved. At the very least, can you delete the insulting comments/photos of those who do not wish them to be displayed on your blog?

    I hope you take what has been said into consideration.

  38. 38. astrobunny Says:

    @EyeCancerTwin I do take into account everything that has been said, but I find it hard to take vulgar comments seriously, and while most people are okay with what I say, there is always a select few who enjoy riding on the commotion to heckle away due to the anonymous nature of the comments system.

    That being said, I would never delete what I honestly believe to be true and what the world should see and know.

  39. 39. Kiki Says:

    You anger me.

    Very much so.

  40. 40. Lolyou'readouchefaggot Says:

    One lesson to be learnt, don’t mess with us cosplayers because we are all for one and one for all. You mess with one of us, you mess with the rest of us. I hope you never show your gay ass in New Zealand again because you aren’t worthy of the awesomeness that is New Zealand cosplayers. Next time you judge someone else look at a mirror. ““It is just as cowardly to judge an absent person as it is wicked to strike a defenseless one. Only the ignorant and narrow-minded gossip, for they speak of persons instead of things.”

  41. 41. kager Says:

    I’m sorry if this isn’t helping. But quite honestly you’re not helping with the image of Doujin Overload. And people asking you NICELY without pretense to take down an offensive image. It’s below low when you hide behind the pretense of ‘I would never delete what I honestly believe to be true and what the world should see and know.’

  42. 42. Tai Says:

    I fail to see what gives you the right to judge people on their cosplay and appearance. Since when was every girl perfectly skinny, “loli” and cute to your standards? I applaud the twins for the effort they’ve put into their cosplays, and their courage in cosplaying at a public event. In fact, all cosplayers should be applauded for being able to attend these events and have fun, whether their outfits are homemade, bought, or borrowed. Perhaps you haven’t cosplayed like us yourself and don’t understand or “get” the fun out of what we do, but this is even more reason for you not to go and throw potentially hurtful, arrogant and negative comments around when you know other people -perhaps even the people you’ve put down- will read.

    Exercising restraint sometimes will take you a long way. Some opinions you might (as a suggestion) want to keep to yourself, or post privately, or even better- not at all so as not to hurt anybody you’ve addressed. Everybody has their own standards, but everybody should at least have some semblance of common sense when they are writing about other people and whether their comments will have potentially detrimental after-effects.

    I believe it is also polite to ask permission (if possible) from the people you have photographed to be put on your blog, as some people -do- want their privacy, or some of the photos you have, they might not want other people to see. Of course this -is- the Internet we are speaking of, and you can choose to ignore all of these comments and continue as you are, but frankly, there are some lines that are not meant to be crossed.

    You, my good sir have crossed a good number of them. Frankly, I find it disgusting for you to be taking photos (quite a few covertly) of people- especially girls which you deem “loli” or not- and thinking you have the right to abuse all their hard work and dedication to an activity they have a passion in. The fact that you announce this is an “international blog” and have no shame in degrading people to the world really just sums up what kind of heartless, arrogant person you are. This behaviour of yours is atrocious and unacceptable.

    As nice as it was to stop over at your table during the event, I am quite relieved I never actually conversed with you in person, seeing how despicable online you are. Perhaps it’s time you took some time to reflect on your actions, and I think a few apologies are in order, corrections made at the least.

  43. 43. Fran Celestin Marisa Says:

    You are entitled to your opinion, but you are also entitled to respect people. Cosplayers are not there to entertain you and quench your desire for loli pervings; they attend these events for their friends and to have fun. Obviously a lot of people are distressed by your lack of senseless tact.

    I implore you to take what we are saying into consideration and respect our requests for you to take down your condescending photos and comments. But because you’re not a very nice person, I don’t think you will at all.

    Prove me wrong, please.

  44. 44. ... Says:

    FYI – It is actually illegal to publish pictures of people online without their permission. I hope you get arrested and rot in jail.

  45. 45. Mischa Says:

    Astrobunny …you seem to be under the impression you are funny. You aren’t. Metastatic cancer is more amusing then any of your “witty” captions.

  46. 46. Chibimatic Says:

    I’ll admit. I think that sometimes cosplayers need to be given feedback about their costumes- e.g. about inaccuracies. And sometimes I would like to see more constructive feedback in the cosplay community (I find this an american problem, most of the time, but not generally). Simply labelling a cosplay a ‘fail’ or an (I can’t believe anyone would use such a term on those girls) ‘eyecancer’ is primitive and not constructive at all. Cosplay is not for you, it is for fun, and if you find these cosplays of inadequate quality, then how about giving them some ways to improve. You said it yourself- you have high standards, so how about telling us how you think people can meet those standards? If you really must judge things for fun in such a matter, then how about putting some more thought into it? Being able to call something displeasing, not matter how many words you use, is not a talent at all.

    Another thing that I find incomprehensible is how you picked the two ‘eyecancer’ girls. I saw them in person at the event and thought they did a fine job, and got a photo of them because they were good. Did you purposefully ask them for a photo and take an incredibly unflattering one so you could mock them online?

    I would also really like to hear about your confused boner’s feelings.

  47. 47. Domokunrages Says:

    If it’s ‘eye cancer’ why have you taken a picture of them and purposely posted them on the internet? Haha, asshole.

    If I find out who you are and see you attending next year’s DO.
    You better watch out, you fucking cunt.

  48. 48. Haruhi Says:

    While I agree that Astrobunny is in the wrong, Domokun, I don’t think it’s appropriate to threaten him.

    That would mean stooping down to his level.

  49. 49. Rosie Says:

    Twins, you are gorgeous girls and have totally got it going on. You’re beautiful and you looked soooo cool!

    Astrobunny, come on man, they’ve requested you take their photo off. What’s the benefit? They’re not asking you to delete it from your hard drive, just a public blog. You’re totally entitled to your opinion so keep whatever comments you choose, but go on man. It’s just a couple of photos. You’re not doing yourself any favours dude.

  50. 50. N Says:

    Just delete this goddamn blog post, it is extremely cruel and mean. Although you believe you have the right to post your thoughts, you don’t really if you’re simply mocking people who don’t deserve to be. Take these comments seriously cause I really don’t think you are.

  51. 51. Kiki Says:

    ou have been asked politely to take down the image and insult. Just do it, for the sake of the girls D<

  52. 52. P Says:

    You claim this is an international blog, but really, how many people read it? I’ve never seen comments by people over seas, only by those you insult.

    If New Zealand cosplay is not up to your standards, why do you go look at it? Go back to your own country, or Japan where stick thin girls buy cosplays so that they look amazing so they can appeal to the whole ‘loli-eyecandy’ thing?

    You shouldn’t be allowed to go to these events? What kind of satisfaction do you get from dissing all these cosplayers? You don’t even understand what they have been through half the time, or know anything about them, so who are you to judge?

  53. 53. ineser Says:

    Oh wow, astro u done it again this year…
    Any hideyoshi there?

  54. 54. WEST SIDE Says:

    hah penis

  55. 55. Ebaums World Says:



  56. 56. Nii-chan Says:

    [ 38. astrobunny Says:
    July 26th, 2010 at 8:55 pm
    “That being said, I would never delete what I honestly believe to be true and what the world should see and know.” ]

    To be true, yeah? So you believe that you are:

    – An asshole x2
    – Disgusting
    – A douche
    – A douchebag x2
    – An effing douchefag
    – An effing asshole
    – A hypocritical douchebag
    – A gay ass
    – An effing cunt

    You’re digging a hole and it only gets bigger. If you think stubbornness does you any favours in a situation like this, you reaaally need to lay off the hentai for a bit.
    Thinking “ha, why should I do it just cause they said so. I’m all for a flame war.” just makes you that much more of a prick. If you want any bit respect from this cosplay community for the rest of your life. Remove the photo and the whole thing can be wiped.
    Leave it there and boy, you are screwed, not even con security guards will be able to help you.
    There is freedom of speech, and then theres being a dick. And you, are a dick. It doesn’t make you a man for saying something ‘daring’ like that, it just shows how weak and pathetic you are. Seriously, CAN you even say this to a cosplayer’s face, instead of just hiding behind the protection of a computer screen? Absolutely weak AND pathetic.

    (funny how no ones defending you. I hope this is a international blog. The whole world can see how a stubborn prick gets their ass handed to them C: )

  57. 57. Nigger Says:


  58. 58. Anonymous Says:

    First and foremost; Yes I am weak and will hide behind the wall of anonymity because I don’t wish to be lynched by a horde of raging zealots.

    Putting that aside…I personally find this all extremely intriguing.

    It just shows how self conscious and insecure the cosplay community in NZ is. Where this entire blog could have just been ignored, the mob lashes out with a vengeance inevitably only feeding the desires of trolls and gorging open their own wounds in an attempt to play the tragic heroine card…

    So what if someone calls people ‘Eyecancer’. Welcome to the real world.
    If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the fire. Like it has been said many times above. Cosplay is not for other people, but for yourself. Thus their opinions are ultimately irrelevant.

    NB: Also, the whole ‘not stooping to his level’ plight is laughable when the lolicon bashing starts. How is pointing out the ‘Braincancer’ of lolicons and lathering them with insult any different from the blog itself. Or is it just acceptable for you all because mainstream society seems to hate lolicons too…?

    -------------- END ---------------

  59. 59. Kage Says:

    There fixed my name. And either way you’re not creating a very good image for the event you seem to be affiliated with in more ways than one. Especially when NZ is small as it is and this community is even tinier and struggling to to gain recognition and acceptance from the general population. You do a hell of a job of making it happen you know.

  60. 60. C00k!3M0n5t4 Says:

    Holy McFlamenald.


    Flame FLame FLAme FLAMe FLAME, uh, “Insert random flame here”

    I lol’ed.

    Anyway, nice trip. =P

  61. 61. a former cosplayer Says:

    To all cosplayers raging at astrobunny:

    It’s his blog, and his opinions. You can disagree with him and lash him back with ‘tit for tat’, by all means. But let me say this: by doing that, you aren’t cosplaying for fun, you aren’t cosplaying for yourselves, you’re cosplaying for your lust for attention.

    Think about it.

  62. 62. SnowWaltz Says:

    @a former cosplayer: O_o…. *wow that was surprisingly well said…

    Despite the comment (eyecancer) being rather mean and harsh, i think cosplay should be taken as an activity of fun so no one should take these comments to heart, if you enjoy it and it doesn’t hurt anybody, just do it.

    Personally i also expected a more civilized community from CosplayNZ.
    Throwing insults one after another and raging like a blind animal isn’t going to solve anything but make yourself more bitter.
    I’d have expected the community to have learn from last year’s experience and completely block/ignore this blog but it seems you guys are just here for the sake of raging.

    Not siding with AstroBunny but he does have his freedom of speech, if he calls me “eyecancer”, I will be sad and i will avoid talking to him in the future but i wouldn’t come back to listen to him calling me “eyecancer” again and feel depressed all over it again.

    Frankly speaking i think both sides are getting rather ridiculous at this point, Doujin Overload and cosplaying were meant to be fun, not a rage party.

    Just post a notice on CosplayNZ to completely block astrobunny’s blog then the community will never have to be bitter over his demeanor again.

    On a side note, AstroBunny only worked on DoujinOverload’s website as a contribution to the event and his conduct or behavior should not and do not reflect the staff and/or committee of DoujinOverload. They should be viewed as two separate entities.

  63. 63. Zaiah Says:

    For shame we know it’s his blog, but that doesn’t give him the right to openly say such hurtful things about these girls. I know the NZ cosplay community is super close, so when someone who doesn’t even know one of the members talks so rudely about them it hurts everyone in the group.

    We are after all only human, standing up for ourselves & others is what our race is meant to be about, not talking smack on the net like some gossip girl from a TV show.

    Astrobunny I don’t think much of you, mainly because I don’t know you but please refine from posting such horrible things about my friends on the Internet.
    all the Cosplayers I know are kind but if you keep up your judgemental ways that may change, they may not let people take photos of them any more.

    I already prefer not to have my photo taken at events when I cosplay, as I don’t like not knowing what they will be used for.

  64. 64. Xak Says:

    Wow. Just as I thought the Singapore community was the worst around, I get shown that ugly attitudes are a worldwide commodity that isn’t in danger of running out anytime soon.

    But kudos to the twins for their very level-headed response for their age. Costumes looked pretty decently done, as far as I can tell from that single photo, and I think it was very courageous of you two to have done what you did. I’m pretty much the same type as you; the only cosplay I could ever pull off nicely is a dango, so, I think I understand a little bit of how you two might feel.

    Anyway, astrobunny has the freedom of speech to express his opinion, just as you have the freedom of speech to say you think otherwise in comments on his blog. If you want to block him off, well by all means, show the world how close-minded you can be. You certainly are free to do so. But saying that he can’t write his own opinion, that reminds me of certain countries, countries where the political system is built on something that starts with C. Countries whose ruling system starts with D.

    I’m not going to hide, I believe in discussion and sharing of view; my email is xak1obn(at)gmail(dot)com, you are free to email me your views and arguments, and I will endeavour to answer in as appropriate a manner and time as I possibly can.

  65. 65. Zalp Says:

    There is a line that can be crossed with freedom of speech and i do believe Astro bunny has crossed it

  66. 66. Mischa Says:

    Ha ha ha I think its cute that you think Astrobunny is making some brave political statement.

  67. 67. /sigh Says:

    If you don’t like us, don’t take pictures of us. That’s all we ask. Even if you want to give a ‘well-rounded’ report of the event, all you’re really doing by actually showing pictures is being hurtful and petty. Ignore those of us that don’t fit to your “high-standards” and we’ll return the favour.

    I’m sorry you and some of the other commenters feel we are having an unnecessary and close-minded reaction, but please try to understand that the way you feel about our comments is the way we feel about your blog.

  68. 68. Ebaums World Says:

    Good to see some reasonable counterdiscussion here. However, I think a clarification is necessary.

    In structure and closeness, CNZ is more like a family than a community. If I walked up to your mother, or sister, and called her an ugly trollop, would you just ignore me? Some of you might, and more power to you. But most of you would tell me to fuck off, yell, or throw a punch. This is the same thing.

    To insinuate that our community is ‘the worst’ because we give a crap what is said about our members is misguided and ultimately wrongheaded.

    That is what happening here. It is the same thing that happened when astrobunny made similar comments last year. We are a family, and when one member of a family is attacked, everyone is aggrieved.

    Re: Freedom of Speech – My right to swing my fist ends where somebody else’s nose begins. The same applies here – except here, it is called libel. There may not be a legal leg to stand on here, but the principle applies.

  69. 69. Cirno Says:

    @All the defenders:
    The only reason I/we are so mad is that those girls are underage. They are 13 years old and a little consideration for age would go a long way. Not even cgl flames 13 year olds seriously, it is stooping to a much lower level. Make fun of us, we don’t care. We are old enough to handle it. Just don’t pick on the 13 year olds.

  70. 70. drstiles Says:

    The problem here is that, as Cirno has said – Astrobunny has openly offended two 13 year old girls who bravely stepped out of their shell for those costumes only to be told that they’re “eyecancer”. He has been asked politely by the cosplayer twins to have their photos removed, yet he has left them up there.

    The cosplayer twins themselves have dealt with this maturely however, certain members of the community have gone into assault mode and stooped to Astrobunny’s level themselves. Cosplayers, please remember that you when you post like this you represent the entire New Zealand cosplay community. Yes, we are close-knit and we do not want such offensive things as this blog going around the internet, however there are much more constructive ways to go about it than to spam expletives – you’re no better than Astrobunny himself if that’s all you can do.

    @Astrobunny: As an authority in the cosplay community I would like to request that at least the image and caption of the twins be removed, if not the whole post. The girls are only 13 years old and even if being subjected to childish name-calling is part of the “real world”, they don’t need to take that at such a young age. They have stepped out of their shells and pushed the boundaries of their skills to make and wear those costumes and it isn’t fair to be told such harsh things.

    Something I was taught in primary school (PRIMARY SCHOOL) is that, if you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything at all. I don’t think that is such a hard rule to live by. If I see something in a costume that isn’t right, I might nitpick at the inaccuracies in my head, but I won’t go around the calling the cosplayers names. Please take into consideration that these cosplayers aren’t just things for you to photograph and criticize – they are human beings just like you and me.

    Thank you.

  71. 71. Xak Says:

    @Zalp: The usual abuse of freedom of speech is that people want it while wanting to deny it to others for their defence; ie freedom of speech and freedom from consequences of that speech. At least astrobunny hasn’t done anything of that sort, allowing people to comment on his blog and shoot him for his remarks freely.

    @Mischa: I just want to point out that it could be worse, that at least astrobunny is being fair on some points. Political statement? I couldn’t care less about politics.

    @/sigh: Personally, although I feel that the reaction from your community is a tad over-the-top, and possibly going out of control, I do understand it. But it doesn’t warrant throwing inaccurate labels either. If you want to protest, it’s better to do it politely when in the public domain. Besides, it gives you the moral high ground.

    @Ebaums World: Thanks for the nice word haha. I think I can understand at least to some extent what your community must be feeling, and I must say, that community spirit is a very wonderful thing to see, especially when the local scene here is more of various groups biting into each other behind their backs. I used the comparison to the local community as a hyperbole to show exactly what my first impression of this entire discussion was. As for what you said about freedom of speech, it is true indeed. Of course you’d have the potential problem of being charged for assault, but it is your free will to do so. And if you want to try the libel route, its viable too. Although in my opinion it’d be hard to argue it successfully, as you said, the principle applies.

    @Cirno: Honestly, I don’t see what their actual age has to do with the matter right now, unless you’re telling me they got dared into cosplaying by peers. If they are of sound mind to freely choose to cosplay with full knowledge of their weaknesses, they should also be accepting the ugly fact of life that size does matter. I could just as easily argue that by having nobody comment on them it can give rise to an inaccurate image of the world, that consequences don’t always matter, and hence, this is an informational experience for them. Warped, but logical when you talk about age. I currently have a good opinion of their bravery in doing the cosplay. If they are going to be shielded from the consequences of it, I am going to have to revise that opinion.

    @drstiles: Thank you for the point about the ‘assault mode'; that isn’t going to do anybody any good, neither the twins, nor astrobunny, nor any of us. However, I’d disagree on the shielding of the twins. Granted, they are young, but that puts their bravery in perspective, which like I said above, shielding is only going to change that perspective, which in my opinion, is not healthy. One thing I learned very painfully when I was in primary school, is to be honest about reality. I’m fat. People made fun of me for that, since I was 10 or 11. Even now, I can only succeed at looking like a dango, or maybe Nishimoto Ganji. But I didn’t get shielded, even when I took part in our Youth Festival competition for Dance. And on hindsight, that actually molded a very integral part of my character, which is to enjoy life. Now, people don’t make jokes about my size, I do. And life is better for me that way, though I’d be lying if I said I don’t wish I was thinner and more attractive. My point is that being overprotective might not be the best route, and to consider that the twins might be mature beyond their age, and should be treated so.

  72. 72. a former cosplayer Says:

    As it is that Xak has mentioned, I’d like to add a bit more on cosplay itself.

    I fully respect this family and close-knitted community from your country’s cosplayers – I used to experience that myself. But it turned for the worse, hence my departure from the scene. There were harsher remarks going on, and it’s from cosplayers themselves.

    Perhaps this situation might not happen in the near future, perhaps it would. Cosplay is meant to be a hobby, and as with most communities built on hobbies, it totally depends on yourself on how you will want to enjoy your hobby, with or without intergrating yourself fully with the community. I’m not sure if the media in your country portrays cosplayers as much as delinquents; mine did, for a couple of years. And there was almost nothing we could do about it.

  73. 73. a former cosplayer Says:

    In fact, my whole point to cosplayers in NZ was to realise that while the online society isn’t forgiving, the real world bites harder. Also, just enjoy your hobby to your fullest, with or without regarding criticism.

  74. 74. /sigh Says:

    Yes, people here have used some very strong words in regard to Astrobunny. BUT please remember this is a direct reaction to the strong words Astrobunny used in regard to (in particular) two people in our community. He didn’t need to do that at all. If you find the words used in the comments unfair or over the top then you must concede that his words are equally so.

    And yes, age does matter. Being cruel to people in their late teens or older is far different to being cruel to 13 year olds. I would venture to say you have never studied human development of any kind if you feel justified making that statement. The fact that the twins have handled it so maturely is truly a testament to their amazing personalities, but that age is a rather fragile one in regards to development of identity. And of course that matters, as I’m sure any reasonable human being would be able to understand. I mean, there was a whole movement in history that led to the understanding that children aren’t just miniature adults.

    Yes, the world is cruel, but that doesn’t mean we have to perpetuate that everywhere. I don’t insult random people on the street if I don’t like the way they look and justify it as “oh, the world is cruel, so I’m allowed to say that”. That’s a very juvenile way of looking at things. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, and all that. I believe it’s called common decency.

    NZ has an amazingly friendly cosplay culture. People in the competitions are inspired to see other people’s success and are far less elitist than other countries (which has been observed by people who have experienced the overseas cosplay scene). The type of comments Astrobunny has made on his blog are a danger to our community in that they are pointing to a new direction in the views of our cosplay community that we don’t want to have happen.

    The comments that have been made about how cosplay is for fun (which it is) and then the defence of Astrobunny’s judgemental nature about certain cosplays by those same commenters don’t add up at all. You can’t have it both ways.

  75. 75. Anon Says:

    I dont even know wtf all this is about, but at the end of the day you are all losers. Every one of you. It’s all just Jap crap, nothing more, nothing less. There is a reason why they have been nuked. Twice. Its because japs are all disgusting animals.

  76. 76. N Says:

    Let’s be honest here, posting this blog and the comments within it is exactly like saying it to a large crowd of people on a loud speaker, you expect the people you offend to not hear or even notice: but they actually do.
    How would you feel if someone came up to you and a random crowd of people, announced your weakest points and made fun of you about it?
    We’re all still learning about the real world, but honestly, do people just come up to you in the real world and mock you for no apparent reason? Didn’t think so.

    This is my response to what everyone is saying about “Welcome to the real world” because ask yourself, is reality even really this harsh?

  77. 77. Haruhi Says:

    The girls themselves have politely requested the picture be taken down. I fail to understand why astrobunny refuses to respect their requests.

  78. 78. Hurp. Says:

    Because he doesn’t care about other humans, only himself and his 2D people, that’s why he hasn’t taken them down.

    Saying these sort of things may not be a criminal act, but it’s not moral. It’s the kind of behaviour society looks down upon.

  79. 79. anon Says:

    I disrespect you. Really, they tried their best in making those costumes and you paid no respect to that. YOU don’t have the guts to go up there and cosplay and because you don’t, you don’t deserve to comment like that. The two want their pictures removed, I don’t get why you won’t respect that, don’t be stubborn, just step down.

    Don’t look down on my friends when you’re nothing better.

    Every girl is beautiful, no matter what.

  80. 80. astrobunny Says:

    Thank you for commenting, all of you. I am sorry. I’m afraid that what I have written, I have written. Me taking it down won’t change much if anything, except that I have not stood by what I said.

    That said, it is true! NZ has an amazingly friendly and competent cosplay culture. The attention to detail is incredible and halfassed cosplay costumes are the exception rather than the rule. It is even more amazing that the cosplay is unusually strong for the kind of numbers seen here. (Win-fail ratio is really high) So credit where credit is due. Results do matter to me however, and no matter how hard you worked or how brave you were to do something, you should also accept that occasionally your work will be for naught, and realize fully that what you do may even be unpalatable to others, and will result in a backlash.

    I am responsible for what I said and I won’t back down by taking this down. Neither will I delete your criticism because I don’t like it because I cannot have it both ways. It is my opinion, and I don’t like to talk behind people’s backs. You have the freedom as well to express whatever anger you feel towards my writing on my blog. I’m not taking that freedom away, that’s a promise.

  81. 81. Anon2 Says:


    I do know what this is about, but at the end of the day I want a tasty meal. It’s just internet drama, flames and trolls, nothing more, nothing less. There is a reason why China tries to block the internet. All the time. It’s because Japan has awesome 2D loli.

    Mmmmmmmm others misfortunes make my meal oh so tasty~!

  82. 82. Xak Says:

    @/sigh Personally, I find the word ‘eyecancer’ to be relatively normal, in terms of how harsh it is a comment. Probably because of the local scene being much harsher, and possibly because of having seen how people on the internet can actually insult, the term ‘eyecancer’ has as much effect as ‘pretty nice’ on the other side of the scale. Which is partly why it seems to me that the reaction by the community is overblown. But I also meant over-the-top as in the sheer number of people who are just repeating what the previous people said; nothing of use, nothing beneficial, no contribution to moving the situation along at all. Makes your community seem as if it is about to perform some sort of cyber-bullying. I don’t think that’s wholly the case, but that’s how it looks like. You lose the moral high ground with that. Your choice.

    I’ll admit that I have not studied human development formally, that all I have ever done is armchair psychology and some self-reflection from my own family experience. Hence I’m drawing more from personal experience, that teenagers tend to want to be treated like adults some of the time, and kids the rest of the time, to get the best of both worlds, so to speak. I’m quite strongly opposed to that, since my personal experience leads me to believe that responsibility should be taught to teenagers early, and fairly, for healthy growth. Either give them freedom of choice, and make them face the problems that come with it, or deny it to them and take the blame for your own mistakes. Now of course this isn’t a hard rule, since social science is never about absolutes, but about guidelines, but I stand by that principle, since I’m a product of the opposite and I think I turned out pretty shitty because of that. I’m not saying that the twins shouldn’t be consoled nor encouraged, but that the facts of life should not be whitewashed for them. Maybe it’s too pragmatic an approach for your society, but that’s how it has been here for quite some time, and although it went overboard in the other direction, I’d rather have cynical, dour and glum people who can work in reality than people who aren’t used to seeing things for what they are. Exaggeration, perhaps, but I stand by my opinion nonetheless.

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, isn’t that what astrobunny and you all are doing? He might have said what he said, but he hasn’t stopped you all from saying anything about him at all, has he? And that isn’t common decency, that’s human nature, to get revenge. Why not ignore this situation instead? Quoting Luke 6:29, “If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also.” Isn’t that more decent? Not to mention that if astrobunny were a troll, you all have been playing right into his hands.

    Not to mention, insulting random people in the street is in itself a juvenile act, not even considering the justification. Saying that it is juvenile doesn’t necessarily mean the justification is juvenile.

    It’s nice to know that your cosplay community is so close-knit. However, circling your wagons and shooting out at ‘intruders’ is not the way to handle issues. I think the blowing up of this incident is a greater danger to your community, because in the worst case scenario, it’s going to make your community insular, and that’s one step towards being elitist. Don’t go there, it sucks, I should know with our local community being the way it is.

    “The comments that have been made about how cosplay is for fun (which it is) and then the defence of Astrobunny’s judgemental nature about certain cosplays by those same commenters don’t add up at all. You can’t have it both ways.” Exactly. You can’t cosplay and expect not to be judged, nor can you expect to be not commented on. People judge others. Fact of life.

    @N: I found that the best way to handle that sort of situation is to over exaggerate my weakness, and make it into a joke. Even if it falls flat, at least nobody gets hurt, since I’m not hurt. But that’s me. Anyway, although the world doesn’t just come up to you and mock you when you’re walking in the street (most of the time at least), the world does do that if you draw attention to yourself. If you do something that will attract attention, you can’t control whether the attention is positive or negative. Cosplaying brings you attention. Whether you meant for it to be that way, it still brings you attention. So if you get negative attention, you did ask for it. You can’t just take the good and have the bad shoved away all the time.

    And yes, reality is this harsh. You might be lucky, but reality is really this harsh. Running away or denying it won’t help, only facing up to it does.

    @Haruhi: I once had a ‘discussion’ with a cosplay photographer acquaintance of mine about ownership of photos of people. He argued that the photo is the property of the photographer and is theirs to use as they see fit, though possibly with certain restrictions, such as not for commercial purpose. I didn’t go away completely convinced, but I certainly concluded that it is a really murky situation, and usually not worth the time and effort to resolve.

  83. 83. Xak Says:

    @Hurp. Honestly, stop. You’re only knocking down whatever Cirno, Haruhi, /sigh and the others have very painfully achieved. Stop making the world think that the NZ community is idiotic.

    @anon(comment 4620): Congratulations, your reasoning has rendered the entire press, and probably a large portion of the academic world, in your own words, ‘undeserving’.

  84. 84. Another Outraged Cosplayer Says:

    @A Former Cosplayer – It’s not only that NZ cosplayers are a tightly knitted community, but also that many know each other PERSONALLY. So if someone verbally abused your friend IRL; it’s no different…you can’t deny many would react the same way if not even more angrily, if this was said in person. Also, about getting used to reality and the such? The thing is people shouldn’t have to deal with idiocy like that, no matter what state the world is in. Just because there’s alot of blunt asshole jerks out there (cue AstroBunny), it does not mean everyone is going to graciously accept them, even if you have.

    AstroBunny – I undertsand high standards, accuracy and the such in relation to cosplay. But really. Going to have to agree with most of everyone else here and say that the “eyecancer” comment was a pathetic way to convey your opinion. Do so next time in more constructive and not so blantantly disgusted way, or it’s likely your posts are going to get flames, trolls and people JUSTIFYABLY insulting you. :l Because that was just stupid, IMHO. Your dismissing remarks are irritating. I pretty much feel this way about many of your entries I have read, you have a lack of tact.

  85. 85. Xak Says:

    @Another Outraged Cosplayer: Show me where in the world is this utopia you talk about, I’d love to go there. Just because ‘people shouldn’t have to deal with idiocy like that’, doesn’t mean that they won’t. If ideals could change the world I probably wouldn’t have been born and the world would be ruled by the Third Reich. Outrageous example, but I feel only such an example can get the message through.

  86. 86. Zalp Says:

    Man this is exactly what Astro bunny wants more people on his Blog
    And i can’t believe Xak would defend him
    ^Can you not respect that?

  87. 87. Another Outraged Cosplayer Says:

    @Xak – In no way was I saying that there’s a place like that and there never will be; as you and AstroBunny show for /cue eyeroll/ with easy acceptance. I’m just saying, that kind of attitude is ridiculous. What you said could be applied to many other things that hurt people (crime and so on); that’s a cold thing to say. Unlike the more serious things that could happen/be said to people (which they wouldn’t deserve but “doesn’t mean that they won’t” be said/happen), this is uneccessary. They dealt with it, and well in my opinion.

  88. 88. Anon3 Says:

    @ Zalp : Well, it would have been one thing if it was a private request to take it down, like an email or something. Problem is, now that a whole mess has been made about it, taking down the picture sends the wrong message. It would be a sign that trolling and flaming gets results. That’s the wrong message to send to not just the community, but the world in general. It’s the same reasoning behind why governments generally refuse to make deals with terrorists. Because appeasing terrorists only leads to more terror attacks.

    Likewise, for astrobunny to give in now would only be asking for more attacks.

  89. 89. /sigh Says:

    I’m not implying that you stand for the whole of your community/side, so please don’t address me with the fact other people have made comments you feel are harsh and a bad reflection on our community as a rebuttal to my statements, as I have clearly not acted that way. I address your points directly without influence from what the other commenters on your side are saying (although my entire comment was not fully a rebuttal directed at you), so please give me the same courtesy. Otherwise you are merely chastising the person who is trying to be reasonable for the behaviour you don’t approve of in others rather than actually replying to my statement.

    I can see the sense of your statements, but unfortunately the irony of you asking (expecting) us to act decently when you so ardently defend the instigator of the issue who bad mouthed two innocent girls without any provocation is rather too overwhelming. If you accept his behaviour, and accept that the world is cruel and unfair in the particular way you’ve used to defend his behaviour, then you really can’t say that the comments you accuse of being cyber-bullying (which is also hypocritical, because what is astrobunny’s comment but bullying of the two girls?) are unfair. You are saying there is no high ground, and as such you can’t say we don’t have it.

    Well, perhaps here we have the main issue between the differences of our views. I don’t believe ‘eyecancer’ is an innocent statement, and I can assure you that the two girls involved have not become so immune to it as you have. Therefore, perhaps you don’t understand that our community holds the insult of ‘eyecancer’ to be equal to anything others here have called astrobunny.

    You seem to have a number of conflicting stances here (which, hey, that happens; humans are complicated after all), but you seem to be of the mindset of lashing out before you get hit? In case the girls some day hurt someone you want to hurt them first?

    You don’t equate going up to a random person on the street and insulting them to astrobunny posting a picture online he procured for the express purpose of insulting the subjects? Is it because he didn’t do it to their face? Because Astrobunny has already said he doesn’t say things behind people’s backs.

    I don’t believe in over coddling children, as that can only harm them, but there is a difference between preparing children for the real world and being deliberately and unnecessarily hurtful. It’s called bullying, and for all that it happens, it’s not something that is accepted, and nor should it be.

    Here’s another proverb: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Has astrobunny (or any of his defenders) never looked less than perfect out in public? And for one thing he’s said he’s never cosplayed…

  90. 90. Xak Says:

    @Zalp Actually I’m not so much defending him as being unhappy with some of the comments. I’ve made my own comments on this issue to him in private already, so as to not complicate the issue further.

    @Another Outraged Cosplayer: I did say I respect the twins’ response. That hasn’t changed. And so my viewpoint is cold; I still think it is accurate. Life’s Like That. What you do about it is up to you though.

    @/sigh I’m sorry you thought I was making a personal reference to you; I meant ‘you’ as a general reference to the NZ cosplay community. I apologise for the misunderstanding.

    Moving on, my main point about the moral high ground is more of to point out that this could have been done in a way that would have been more productive for your own side. I’m not exactly saying he’s in the total right either though.

    I’m not saying the girls can do it, but I’m just using myself as an example of how one could cope. Of course, one could slim down like Ryuuguu Otohime did as shown in Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi, but I’m too lazy for that. I’ll take your word for the severity of the term ‘eyecancer'; my point was initially to explain that I might have a different view because of the difference in sphere of relevance, anyway.

    And yeah, I have conflicting views because I’m sort of suborning my personal views for the sake of pointing out issues I believe are worth pointing out. My personal views will stay personal, or at the very least, private. I don’t want to cause this entire scene once again.

    And no, the internet IS a public domain. I don’t consider it behind a person’s back. And I think there is a difference in intent between insulting a random person and making a (accurate, though harsh) comment about a person on ‘display’.

    I honestly don’t think what was done to the twins is at a level that can be considered bullying, but I think that’s a difference in culture again, so I’ll concede the point.

    And your point with the quote is? Are you without sin to comment on his post in the first place? We can take this quote and disqualify everybody here, because as humans we are inevitably with sin.

  91. 91. Tippo Says:

    Its just worng calling to 13 year old twins “eyecancer” or whatever….There cosplay costume did look good…but saying stuff towards young teens is againest the law. If they want their pics off take them off. They have rights for their pics to be off the net.

  92. 92. Xak Says:

    @Tippo: Not exactly sure about this, but chances are that you might be partially wrong. AFAIK, at least.

  93. 93. jaser Says:

    @Tippo: I’m pretty sure saying stuff towards young teens is NOT against the law.

    In the first place, this event is a public event. Anyone who participated in it should know that whatever they do will be made known to the public through various means (articles, photos, video, etc.). You should have known that there will be cameras all over the place. If you choose to cosplay (or sing, act, whatever) in public events despite knowing this then please be prepared to:

    1) receive critisms (especially the negative ones) from people who will be seeing your performances, regardless of your age.
    2) have your pictures taken, your performance described in full detail in articles, etc. The argument that you never gave permission for your pictures to be taken is invalid since you decided to perform in a place where everyone can see.

    Now on to the ‘eyecancer’ thing. While I admit it is a pretty harsh word and I don’t quite agree with it, it is nontheless Astro’s personal opinion. You can argue that “It’s not nice to insult other people” or “How would you feel if your mom, sister, etc. were insulted?”, bottom line is he has the right to express his opinion on his own blog. Just like a movie studio can’t demand public reviewers from deleting negative reviews of their films, you also can’t demand that he takes his words back or delete the offending article. The words hurt, I know, but life is not all sunshine and flowers. You have to learn to accept critisms and move on.

  94. 94. ineser Says:

    Oh wow jaser finally posted!
    /me continue to troll

  95. 95. ... Says:

    1: Anon1: I lol’d :D
    3: Anon3: No U
    4: Anon4: tl;dr teh intarwebs are srs bizness
    5: Anon5: All posts by the same person duh
    6: ????
    7: PROFIT!!!

  96. 96. Coo Whip! Says:

    Personally I can’t be bothered reading all comments, but those I have read show a trend: everyone thinks you’re an embaresment to New Zealand and Kiwis alike, should be exiled, forced to eat your own shit and die by the torcher of what’s known as the head crusher. And I agree with them. Even those that we Kiwis mock would be much higher on our respect scale than you. Even hell is too good for you to burn in, even the devil would be disgusted at how low you sank. You sir, are the biggest douche I have ever met, and I have met some pretty big douches.

  97. 97. Someonewanwan Says:

    …: go back to /b. oh wait, you got banned again, didnt you.

    coo whip!: If you spelled better maybe I would have not laughed so hard at your failure as a supposedly English speaking native Kiwi. Please, try not to embarrass your community more than it already has.

    Welcome to the internet. We hope you had a pleasant journey getting off all this dorama. now, back to the sheep shagging, please.

  98. 98. Kage Says:

    Um just to clarify I think this dude is from SEA can’t remember if its Singapore or Malaysia. Let’s just say its Singapore so I can slag him off on them and keep Malaysia out of it. I’m being racist now aren’t I?

  99. 99. Xak Says:

    @Kage: Feel free to shoot Singapore, we deserve it. But if you think you would be shooting Singapore by shooting astrobunny… XD

  100. 100. Cool Whip! Says:

    @someonwanwan Don’t mock me T.T XD And yes I failed to spell my name… got a problem? Oh, and I never once said we Kiwis could spell…

  101. 101. Kage Says:

    @Xak nah I think Singapore is fine. It has it’s share of problematic people as does every other country, maybe more so than other countries I just want to distance all association with astrobunny including where we come from :3

  102. 102. Domokunrages Says:

    Just take it down.

  103. 103. Someonewanwan Says:

    Kage: Wrong country is wrong. But feel free to shoot Singapore anyway =D

  104. 104. cogent Says:

    I think the ones who encouraged the twins to do that cosplay, knowing full well that someone as cruel and politically incorrect as AstroBunny is on the prowl for these things are the real culprits here. Though, he might be that very person.

  105. 105. Kiwi Says:

    F-Bombs will be dropped so children look away~

    you say taking down the picture and deleting the comment wont change things? that even though if it comes down all hell will still be there? well your fucking right you insensitive douchebag.
    but atleast take it down for the twins sake~ dont be a fucking douche and just delete the photo and comment written. you dont have to delete the whole fucking blog just what people are asking of you. the twins did nothing harmfull to you or anyone to deserve this sort of humiliation. so if you could just please take it down.

    people cosplaying are actually open to creative criticism but only if its to help us improve. its not a door of opportunity for snide comments and insults that can be a blow to someones self esteem. Also we do it for fun. F-U-N, FUN! we dont do it to be sexy and we sure as hell dont do it to please you. >>”

  106. 106. /sigh Says:

    The majority of us have said that we don’t mind being criticised ourselves. The analogy about a negative film review is apt and we have to accept that. However, if a grown man verbally (or textually as the case is) attacks two 13 year old girls, it’s a whole other kettle of fish, and that is our stance in this situation.

  107. 107. EndlessEightAllOverAgain Says:

    Lol… Interestingly enough he managed to get a flamepost AGAIN. I’m no usual reader, but I remember last year same shit happened untill he completely deleted the posts XD

    KUDOS FOR THE EPIC FLAME. May the troll gods light your path.

  108. 108. 七つの傷の男 Says:

    If you didn’t want to be criticised you wouldn’t put on a costume for a character that is meant to be half your size and walk around in front of photographers. They had it coming, and what he said wasn’t particularly bad

  109. 109. Ooobama Says:

    Sure is dramaqueen up in here!

    Check out this video of me giving my thoughts on this in greater detail though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlUqujqqaBg

  110. 110. Ooobama Says:



  111. 111. Joey Treuter Says:

    Ebony hair masters are usually pleased with the item

  112. 112. Brenda Nelson Says:

    Halloween is just one of my boy’s most liked times of all seasons to head out trick or treating with their classmates and friends and afterwards they all round up at somebody’s home to snack on and exchange their goodies.

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