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Doujin Overload again! This year I was much less of a stalker and more of a seller, and only thanks to a trusty sidekick was I able to run around with a knifecamera and find more gold for myself!

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Got in early in the morning to get the booth ready. Doujin Overload is an event by anime fans for anime fans where everyone sells their own artwork/keychains/products that are anime related.

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Everyone's busy setting up too!

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This Azusa caught my eye. All of a sudden I want it D=.

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And more very nice 1:4 figurines.

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There were dolfies too. Not too keen on those though.

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Soon the event picket up, and people were starting to flood into the place.

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Soon it was time to sell the stock!

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But the most important part of the event to me was... the cosplayers!

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This year's cosplaying was much much better than last year.

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Especially when you have an awesome Data Sentient Entity Humanoid Interface walking around and keeping the peace.

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There was lots of Touhou going on in the cosplay scene this year too, which was the awesomeness. Yukari~

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There were so-so ones as well,

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There were some very fearsome name-writing lolis too!

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And an extraordinary Miku walking around like a princess.

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Of course, mixed into the pure win is always the inevitable eyecancer.

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There were awesome butlers too! Butlers HAVE to be called Sebastian after all.

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Also there was some really really awesome Black Rock Shooter stuff going on from Christchurch! Kudos to these girls who are always ahead of the pack.

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There was also a Haruhi, which was admittedly over9000 times better than the last one.

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The military sent their regards too!

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And one of my favorite Touhou Project characters, Aya!

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... along with our 9baka fairy Cirno!

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We also have more awesome gothloli gracing our sights.

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... and Celty's selling doujin! O_O.

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I saw a Konata too!

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But the best part of all was the presence of an awesome twintailer in the vicinity all the time, which was awesome.

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We can't forget our furry friends too!

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And making a special cameo appearance is: The Stig.

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Finally, on one of my last go arounds in the room, I spotted an awesome dolfie of Maria, which actually looks the part! It may just be the undoing of my no-dolfie policy.

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Overall, it was an awesome pedobear-approved event where I had a lot of fun, enjoyed talking to all our extremely friendly cosplayers and met some awesome artists. Kudos to the organizers, Graphic Novel Cafe for making the anime scene look so big. Rest assured we will continue to support the heroes of our local anime community.

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I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you on behalf of Collateral Damage Studios, Ichitakaseto, Tiyoro, Bane, Siua and Kuonn P to all those who bought our artbook! We almost sold out thanks to all of you! We hope to make more awesomeness for you in the future and hope you'll continue supporting us in the future!

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