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Seriously? I'd wonder whats wrong with myself if I didn't know why the girl was having trouble concentrating with such strong uplifting wind.

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Long shirt is long. Either that or her body is just short and her legs are very long.

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Of course, I know some of you like zettais too.

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"If she says she doesn't want to be your little sister, it means she wants to be your big sister!" Man that cracked me up. I didn't know she was a comedian too.

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I thought this only happened in Gundam or Strike Witches ...

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But as a result of awesome training, she has finally become an awesome maid.

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The problem with girls like this is that they are so cute you simply can't question their taste.

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I can tell you now AIC was just itching to do a scene like this.

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Amagami SS is great in the sense that its short and sweet, but one can't help but feel its over a bit too quick, and really just treats the girls like objects to fill you up with emotion, and are to be tried one after another. It is a nice breakaway from shows where the girl and guy never gets together. The best love stories still run along the lines of Itazura na Kiss in my opinion.

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