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Lately all I've been doing is picking on achievements. So I thought I'd just tell everyone the story of a probe's life under Executor Astrobunny in one of my many exploits.

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It all starts with a quiet little base on Agria where a small group of probes are peacefully harvesting minerals from a ridge overlooking the sea towards the mainland.

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One day, probe 0x71FA was ordered by signals sent down by the Nexus's fatline to drop a psionic Pylon near the Nexus to enable more psionic power to be sent down from Shakuras.

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As per its routine, it then proceeds to do a patrol run of the island. Merely a formality, the little contraption expected nothing more than to brisk through the cool Agrian summer breeze as it has done a thousand times over before.

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Probe 0x71FA's close friend, Probe 0xC100 then jumped off the minral line temporarily to open a warp gate for a Forge to drop in on the planet's surface. The probe expertly primed the transponder on the floor and the little cubic device instantly jumped up into the air and burst into a sphere of whirling psionic energy that would tear open a wormhole to bring in the bootstrapper that would open a wormhole large enough for the actual building to fall through.

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To Probe 0x71FA's surprise, he noticed some alien activity was occuring on the south ridge of the island. He decided to land a pylon near the ridge as protocol dictated.

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Sure enough, a small terran base was being built on the ridge. The probe, confused, called up its local Nexus for advice on how to proceed.

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Instantly, he was told to build a pair of photon cannons to deter the unwelcome guests.

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Probe 0x71FA didn't have to wait long to see a funny looking terran with metallic wings and fire behind him jump out of the squarish looking building with two vents. Frightened, he ran off the the edge of the ridge and prepared to jump if it came close enough to somehow harm him.

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It turned out the "firebug", a name he gave the terran, was frightened of the little cannons that were mercilessly blasting away at what appeared to be a bottle of green liquid connected to another square building similar to the one the firebug jumped out of.

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Eventually, the probe dropped another pylon behind the mineral fields and asked for two more cannons to reduce the threat. The firebug, in a burst of courage, attempted to lob a litte red ball at a cannon, that exploded violently, but didn't manage to break through the cannon's shield.

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The terrans in the command center, realizing their mistake of not notifying the locals about their arrival, hastily hailed the probe in what appears to perhaps be a strange terran apology of some sort.

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Soon, all calmed down and Probe 0x71FA was glad that he had lived through a small exciting encouter with another species of beings other than its Protoss masters. It hurried back to the Nexus in order to tell its story of the Terran base that made his day in an otherwise unexciting life on Agria's little island to its other probe friends.

And they lived happily ever after.

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