Picture 1 in [Requiem to K-ON]

K-ON ends, and some hardcore otakus are considering slitting their wrists as the final credits roll over No Thank You. As Yui and gang graduated one can't help but wonder how the four will continue their lives in real life. A strange thought considering their lives were made up and a continuation would be anyone's guess.

Picture 2 in [Requiem to K-ON]


Picture 3 in [Requiem to K-ON]

I wonder how it feels like when your graduation picture is the very picture of your clumsiness...

Picture 4 in [Requiem to K-ON]

I bet it doesn't feel so good...

Picture 5 in [Requiem to K-ON]

But the great pains of life allow you to reach nirvana and thus gain the ability to levitate.

Picture 6 in [Requiem to K-ON]

Teased Azusa face is <3

Picture 7 in [Requiem to K-ON]

Taken out of context, Yui's face is either very excited or very frightened. Depending on the context of your mood.

Picture 8 in [Requiem to K-ON]

Hmm. Where have I seen this picture before.

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