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Gainax is making some weird ass shit this season. But fortunately its actually some very nice weird ass shit, and so obviously meant to be put on Cartoon Network at 1 a.m. This show is perhaps The kind of show that comes out when you remove all the ethical blocks and stoppers from a cartoon and just go all out toilet funny.

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My first impression of this show is that its Jaded Powerpuff Girls dubbed in Japanese. Panty is a proud slut and Stocking is a gothloli that chews sweets up like food processor.

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And the boss/priest/heroine manager, Garterbelt. Not sure why Garterbelt but I'm not sure I want to find out either. Just Panty and Stocking is enough for me.

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One of the very interesting things of note is that the show is very Dexter's Lab, and a lot of sound effects come out in latin characters instead of katakana, which makes it seem all the more geared towards English speakers.

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And the chase scenes are full of over the top millions-of-police-cars-swarming-the-villain-type action, and an impractically numerous number of bullets flying all over the place but futile in the face of the villains' supernatural nature.

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But true to all anime, Gainax added a few seconds of the signature moe style to the heroines and I must say these are awesome babes.

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I like Stocking more. Her hair dye layers just drive me nuts.

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And I just love how they are portrayed as poledancers who are going to save Daten City. Seems like this Daten City is actually purgatory.

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Gainax is definitely showing themselves to be masters of all genres, doing an awesomely cute and innocent Hanamaru last season to this incredibly adult and toilet show, I can't wait to see what they have in store next season, or for the short term, in the rest of this show.

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