Picture 1 in [The Boredom of Sora]

One of the worst things in life is boredom in my opinion. Prisons punish people with it. Nothing is worse that sitting around in the house with absolutely nothing to do. Although I do blame Sora for not being able to find at least something to do, just seeing her going all bored sucks the life out of me. Picture 2 in [The Boredom of Sora]

For one thing, there is no other situation where you are painfully aware that time is just passing by and ignoring you than when you are bored. It is incredible just how helpless one feels whenever there simply isn't anything to do.

Picture 3 in [The Boredom of Sora]

Come to think of it, I wonder why Sora didn't go to school with her brother and instead wasted time like this at home? She was going to make an uniform right?

Picture 4 in [The Boredom of Sora]

Oh well, I guess she passes as a cute brat who's lonely and bored.

Picture 5 in [The Boredom of Sora]

Not to mention ultimately helpless in the face of real threats by mosquitos.

Picture 6 in [The Boredom of Sora]

But me being me doesn't see any reason for her to act so childish.

Picture 7 in [The Boredom of Sora]

But the biggest reason I don't care about the other characters in the story but Sora is not because of her brattyness but because she is a TWINTAIL.

Picture 8 in [The Boredom of Sora]

Yes. All who know me will know how much of a twintail fan I am.

Picture 9 in [The Boredom of Sora]

Simply having twintails automatically makes you no.1 in my books. And thus, Sora is the awesomest girl in this show.

Picture 10 in [The Boredom of Sora]

Not only that, she is an incredibly round character too, making serious faces in an instant, and surprised ones the next. I wonder where she'll actually end up in this story...

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