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Its interesting how small girls like her just make you want to protect them. Their big eyes and heads make them even more lovable and that vulnerable look on their face could turn any monster into a knight in shining armor. Picture 2 in [Victorica is so cute]
Kujo! It's not what you think!

Even teachers fall into this trap. Besides being protectors by profession, they also become extremely passionate, pushing their actions beyond professionalism into a personal need to keep little girls like that safe.

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You can go mount that girl for all I care!

Of course, because of these extremely attractive real-life abilities, they make wonderful casts for shows like these when you just need to escape reality and get a nice heavy dose of eye candy. These casts become even more lively when they are tsundere, and because of their extreme success in captivating the audience, they have become staple in shows like this, just like Victorica.

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Victorica's got lots of pride too, and that makes her character even more interesting, because her relationships with other characters end up inciting envy from all her classmates.

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oooh. Avril's jealous

And the existence of nice decent supporting characters around Victorica just make her shine even more. Oh that face. People give too little value to that face!

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Elementary my dear Kujo.

However, Victorica takes it a step further. She is a detective! Yes, she can use whatever metaphor of chaos and water springs of knowledge for all I care, but I say her deduction powers continue to rival that of Sherlock's. The only thing that bothers me is, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT PIPE? IS IT CANDY?

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I liek hunny

Not to mention her brother is a walking beehive.

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Badass mystery solvers

In many ways, Victorica is just superior to Avril because she is so awesome. That is all.

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Raspberry Sandwiches!!! =D くぁせdrftgyふじこlp;

And I must further reinforce that fact by stating how much she loves candy.

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