Picture 1 in [Nano goes to school]

I've never seen a girl so happy to go to school before. Its amazing how similar she looks to a person who got his first job. I'M FINALLY NORMAL! Picture 2 in [Nano goes to school]

She's even got all the tools sorted, and was excitedly making a checklist like someone going on a dream cruise. Normality rules again.

Picture 3 in [Nano goes to school]

And then theres the snickers commercial joke.

Picture 4 in [Nano goes to school]

But when she discovers school goes all day, she proceeds to Nano's her hand. Literally.

Picture 5 in [Nano goes to school]

It's not everyday you see a schoolgirl with a winding key on her back running to school eagerly. So normal.

Picture 6 in [Nano goes to school]

Or a robot transferring in from no-school.

Picture 7 in [Nano goes to school]

Of course, everyone can't help but notice how normal it is.

Picture 8 in [Nano goes to school]

and then theres the teacher who can't normally seem to get her questions through.

Picture 9 in [Nano goes to school]

Yukko was also abnormally observant today.

Picture 10 in [Nano goes to school]

And then the jokes degraded into a yakisoba/yakisaba fight between Yukko and Mio because Yukko heard Mio say yakisaba when she asked for yakisoba.

Picture 11 in [Nano goes to school]

I guess Mio's epic faces are something you'd normally expect by now.

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