Picture 1 in [National Intellectual Property Protection Legislation Enforcer Strikes]

Google has attempted to make its website more safe for kids by removing the indecent pictures taken by their street view camera and replacing it with 8 bit graphics in an effort to avoid being taken down by a newly formed government agency called the National Intellectual Property Protection Legislation Enforcer.

*update* The government has started a programme to fast track the training of special agents to enforce the legislation!

*update 2* Chinese government pours water on censorship

We cannot stand for this any longer. If you wish to contribute to fighting for freedom please read more after the jump.

Picture 2 in [National Intellectual Property Protection Legislation Enforcer Strikes]

An RFC proposes a way to circumvent any legislation passed by untrustworthy representatives:


There also is another proposal to make Christmas more technical to help kids in the future fight technological crime.


The Pokedex has been hacked by federal agents!


Bitbucket's proposal for more efficient hacking systems.


Google Chrome helps users find a way to quickly dodge hackers while surfing through multitasking:


Tokyotosho has been taken down


... by ponies

Happy April fools day.

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