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I can't remember watching a show that could produce so many awws, dawwws and some bawwws from me. It takes a special kind of inspiration to produce something like this. Even though it doesn't have that deep plot and intriguing personalities we all love from Psychopass, this show just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, like Usagi Drop. Picture 2 in [The single most heartwarming show this year]

This show probably best illustrates why we can't read each others' minds, and how huge a role faith actually plays in our interpersonal relationships. Too much of our society now runs on not trusting anyone. All our fears aren't so much whether we might be hungry the next day, but rather if someone on the road might decide to run us over.

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This is such a sad thing because we humans are actually meant to rely on each other to survive. In fact, that is how we survived back when our natural enemies were actually growling and jizzing any tree they can find to mark territories. We should have already created that utopia we set out to do where all humans could live safely within the city walls and help each other live great lives.

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Instead, all we did were replace our fears of natural disaster with fears of betrayal. The natural response to which is to try and figure out what the other person is thinking in order to protect yourself, something which this show makes us so painfully aware is not the way to feel safe, or to make others feel safe.

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We should all start trusting each other again, and try as hard as we can not to do things that would cause another to lose something precious. It's definitely not easy in this society, not with the fear firmly ingrained in our conscience. But we must play our part to make each other's lives brighter.

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In a world where everyone is trustworthy, we wouldn't know why we even needed to trust each other, and lose sight of the very thing that held everyone in society together in the first place. So as long as we can have faith in one another even in this world, that is the most beautiful thing that could happen.

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As long as we trust each other, there is an ultimate security that we will always feel. After all, all the laws and systems that protect us all really just derive its strength from the integrity and faithfulness of the people whom they protect.

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