Picture 1 in [Everybody Loves Somebody]

Now we all know where Tamako's good looks came from. This little story has revealed much. We now know the extreme punomenon that caused this show to exist. Picture 2 in [Everybody Loves Somebody]

In this episode we get little glimpses of what happened back then.

Picture 3 in [Everybody Loves Somebody]

One of the questions that keep popping up for me is however, why she knows the song...

Picture 4 in [Everybody Loves Somebody]

The other question is what happened to her mom?

Picture 5 in [Everybody Loves Somebody]

And the dad is always going all red in the face when she hums the song.

Picture 6 in [Everybody Loves Somebody]

Anko has her own problems too, but that isn't stopping her from keeping the ammonite lots of company.

Picture 7 in [Everybody Loves Somebody]

After we get all the answers, the younger generation is now out to show us what makes the world go round.

written by astrobunny \\ 10th october, anko, cute, everybody, hinako, love, mamedai, market, mochizou, tamako