Picture 1 in [Free!?]

The opening of this show looks like a sports drink commercial. Why did you do this to us Kyoto Animation? This seems to represent a new attempt at luring a demographic that's completely alien to anime. As usual however, the stunning visuals and incredible graphics that have been hallmarks of Kyoani for the past decade haven't gone elsewhere yet, and the show is actually surprisingly fun to watch. Picture 2 in [Free!?]

Included in the show are the typical small things in life that make you go aww. I have realized recently that these are the things that make anime so special. No matter how serious the topic is, the camera always manages to focus on those little things that are present every day that aren't special at all, yet they somehow uniquely define everyday life.

Picture 3 in [Free!?]

The token cute teacher because every school needs one. The female teacher who is in the eyes of the male students, a goddess. But unfortunately this aspect of school life is not very elaborately dealt with in this show.

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The story revolves around Matsuoka Gou and her brother's friends who were part of the swimming club when they were little. A recent reunion happened and old friendships sprang back to life again. Another one of those little things that make your life a little shinier.

Picture 5 in [Free!?]

Sports have always held a special place in my heart as the thing I was too lazy to do the most. Yet when I take a nice long swim or have a good bike around the city, I am reminded how free it makes me feel, and how much energy a little workout every day bestows on me.

Picture 6 in [Free!?]

Overall this anime is shaping up to be another great production from a great studio that makes great anime. I continue to enjoy how graphics are not the main thing that makes the show entertaining, but a great cherry on top of a layered cake of humour, a good story and lovable characters.

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