Picture 1 in [Heart Lab]

The only reason this anime stands out to me is its extremely liberal use of the butt-like shape we all know is used to represent love. Picture 2 in [Heart Lab]

If anything I think that we get a lot of lesbianism flying around all girls schools because we humans have the need to care for someone, even in the absence of anyone to care about. Who else can you show your affections to when you are in an all-girls school? Another girl of course!

Picture 3 in [Heart Lab]

Teachers are out of the question.

Picture 4 in [Heart Lab]

Otherwise we get very bad stories in the news about teacher student relationships and long-winded stories about how its a breach of professional ethics et cetera...

Picture 5 in [Heart Lab]

I also never really had the need nor want to decorate my bag in such a flashy way in school. Why would you do it anyway?

Picture 6 in [Heart Lab]

More hearts for us.

Picture 7 in [Heart Lab]

And great shocked faces.

Picture 8 in [Heart Lab]

And then there's the token flashback for comic relief.

Picture 9 in [Heart Lab]

That keeps going on

Picture 10 in [Heart Lab]

And on...

Picture 11 in [Heart Lab]

Love Lab seems pretty promising as a Yuruyuri-esque comedy so definitely check it out. There are a lot of hearts in it too. Enough for you to survive a few days in winter.

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