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I often ponder at the level of complexity our society has achieved, that whole buildings and large amounts of resources get spent on training and hiring people just to manage the collection, distribution and storage of resources of our country. While most of us are familiar with government red tape, this anime gives us a refreshing look at what happens behind the counter at a government department in Japan. Picture 2 in [The Adventures of a Civil Servant]

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It seems almost incredible that our current economy requires such a large workforce to run a country. Yet their contribution is not as tangible as Lucy's breasts. Unlike the material trade that preoccupies most of us in the private sector, the government services provide a machinery that keeps the country in order and allows so many people to live in one place at once.

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And while this anime is completely unrealistic about the way it portrays the offices of a typical Ward Office, it serves to highlight that government offices are offices like any other company.

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Though Hasebe has a good point. You CAN meet girls if you work at a front desk. Not that an introverted me will be able to help anyone who needs to apply for an Unemployment Hardship Benefit by checking that all their documents are order before submitting it to the Welfare Department for approval.

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That said, when you work for the government, ethics seem more important than ever. Most of us would be tempted to point out that unlike working for a private company where your performance is so directly tied to the company's performance and your own wellbeing, working for the government is almost like working for God, which owes its existence to the existence of an eternity.

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And while working as a civil servant cannot be harder than choosing a name for your baby, you should still work hard and support those people around you who pay you tax money to handle more of their tax money.

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After all, all of us live in this village we call a country that's full of our own people. If we don't take care of each other then what's the point in being the citizen of a country in the first place?

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