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One of the new stuff out of TV was Coppelion, and I found it amusing how this show can come out in the wake of the Fukushima disaster. Tragedy seems to be a common staple in anime these days, mixed mostly with bright and detailed backdrops. Personally I didn't think very much of the show and the anime actually had a lot less soul to it than the manga.

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Ibara is for one, looks and acts a lot less like the strong-girl type from the manga. Due to possibly trying to fit the boring first parts into the first episode, a lot of her actions seemed too spontaneous and just broke my suspension of disbelief. Anyway, this show about three genetically engineered girls find their way into parts of Tokyo which, thankfully, in our universe is still very lively and very awesome.

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On the other hand I still like the idea of a camping trip in the middle of a deserted Tokyo. That city is just too big to ever be boring barring a red matter disaster. While I think that sending children into a disaster stricken city is a very bad idea, and contamination are not the only dangers they will face (though they seem awfully well prepared for that). We get to see what the girls do in the city, including spending the night in a derelict house in the middle of the city.

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One of the wonderful things about the story however is that people are not that easy to get rid of. Even after a crazy disaster you will still find people in the middle of the most uninhabitable places. The girls find people, and not just people, A FAMILY.

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The show did get a bit of action in the second episode, and actually got some emotions going when the mother was talking about her baby and the part where the hotel was half-collapsing.

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This is overall a very *MAYBE* show. However, if you love scenery porn, by all means watch it all the way. It doesn't show any sign of letting up.

Panty frame for the service.

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