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I don't often come to these themed cafes, primarily because they charge a lot for what I consider meagre excuses for served food and drinks. However since this one was a little harder to get in, and a nice friend invited me for an extra seat, I thought I'd take the chance and splurge a little. It actually wasn't disappointing, fortunately.

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Basically when you go in you get a stamp card that they let you put inside an ID holder that hangs around your neck, as if you were staff of some sort before they usher you to your seats.

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They have all the things you can get on display at the glass box outside too. The cafe is located in a basement under a building just off the main Akihabara street. You need to get into a draw to get into the cafe, but that doesn't stop most people from trying all the time.

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Due to the fact that its located in the basement you get lots of the merchandise in glass cases on the way down. They call the cafe Characro as you can see here. Its actually a chain of cafes doing themed stuff like one for Macross Frontier in Ikebukuro.

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Ordering specific things gives you specific items. This celebrity pudding comes with an Iori coaster.

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There's also alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of various drinks. This one is an alcoholic apple juice drink but with flavored jelly balls at the bottom. Very taste.

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There's also a fried stuff basket that comes with karaage and fries and prawn crackers. The blue and pink stuff you see strewn on the fries is actually tomato flavored ketchup. With everything you order you get little coins which you can use to vote for the best character for doing a cooking show. I voted Yayoi, of course.

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Be grateful for your food, says Iori.

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During the your time in the cafe they play songs from the franchise and loop scenes from the anime and the movie. Occasionally you get shachou and producer giving motivational quotes. The best ones are the Kotori loops where she goes all out fantasizing about homosexual pairings in the game.

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Overall it was pretty alright. Most people brought their lightsticks so they could cheer during the songs. The staff was also pretty active in trying to keep us entertained. Something you would expect from most themed cafes.

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