Mar 24

With the advent of my Facebook account, my blog has regressed into a state of neglect, so I intend to post more of my stuff now on this blog instead. Last weekend I attended Anime Japan 2015 which was held at Tokyo Big Sight. After a whole night of endless karaoke and otaku shenanigans, the first train was not to hard to take, so I arrived early for the queue.

Essentially, the queue was not bad when I arrived. This is based off standards for queues for events like this where being the first one thousand people to enter is quite a big deal. Most people come to events like these to get goods they want. Unfortunately popular goods tend to be sold out due to the sheer number of people who find this subculture to be hip these days.

Entry was fairly quick. Due to my also wanting certain goods, I proceeded to the Goodsmile Company booth with haste where I saw this. In case you guys wanted to know.

There are also some cute kuji and ufo catcher prizes on the way.

I probably haven’t made it clear on this blog that Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun was my favorite comedy last year. Its really nice, if you havent’t already watched it.

Aniplex as usual has their standard massive booth with a lot of promotional banners and corners for different anime.

Some are very nice shows on their way to the TV soon

While others have questionable taste.

This is what’s underneath. I knew you guys would like this.

Not only that, GSC decided to show off their whole collection of nendoroids this time.

Extremely cute Kagamin nendoroids.

There’s also the little collection quests that you can do to get stickers. Here I got some Nagato-chan stickers.

There were also stages at the even that you could ballot for. Here I got a good seat at the Prisma Ilya and Date A Live stage.

Also, let us not forget the cosplayers at the booths. Here is a girl at the Little Witch Academia booth.

Also present was… um… a box.

… and Angel Beats girls.

Here we also see a prop used for cosplayers cosplaying as Yamato from Kancolle

And a floating Pikachu

Overall it was a pretty fun event. I got pretty caught up in playing a lot of things and didn’t take a lot of photos this time.

Here’s a picture of the loot I got. Most of it was actually free, which made up for the entry fee which was like 1600 yen.

And here’s a cute picture of the Nico tapestry I got to end it. Highly legit.

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