Mar 25

There are times when before an important event, you repeatedly get nightmares about an unsavory outcome. While its unexplained, everyone who’s lived long enough would have experienced it several times. Perhaps this is one of those things that remind us that much remains to be understood about our brain. In stories however, its a great plot point.

Akagi’s nightmares went on for a while now and continues to bug her. But little does she realize that unconsciously she understands more than she knows. Nagato might have screwed up.

Besides that however, we get to see our big damn heroine getting the legendary white moustache. They should so do this in the game.

Also that look on Ooi’s face when she realizes her name was not being called in the same team as Kitakami.

Yamato finally gets to see battle. She definitely does not get enough screen time.

Also I love how they are making references to the game all the time, like this combined fleet.

We also get to see Airfield Princess this time, and how she gets bombarded by a carrier strike group. Since this is turning out to be a big MI base attack, I wonder if we will see more Yuudachippoi.

… and this is what happens when you aren’t near your partner in crime.

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