Mar 27

One of the great things about Junketsu no Maria is how much it examines the crappiness of people. There is so much facepalm to be had against the people in the story blatantly blurting out things that people nowadays still do but don’t say. This isn’t about the witch at all. Its about how ugly everything just is.

Its so ugly, sex is an effective way to disable armies, as seen by Maria’s succubus and incubus.

It is also very amusing how much they say they say in the name of God, as if everything is decided and forced upon by God, when the truth could not be more different, since Heaven watches but does not intervene.

Also, the rottenness of the church seems to go so far beyond reason that it seemed like this one organization whose power is derived from brainwashing is so deeply rooted everywhere its either a pain in peoples’ butts or an opportunity to grab power. Also the priests going all homo and shit made me chuckle a bit.

The best part of the story however, must be the fact that there be many lolis in this show, and amazing ones at that.

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