Jul 07


Its that time of year again when we make a trip down to Kagami’s hometown and visit the shrine where she works at to celebrate her birthday.


We made our way down to Washinomiya pretty early from Akihabara, and took the first train.


Since the first train didn’t go all the way to Washinomiya, we had to make a change at Kita-senju.


Once we arrived, the old Eagle’s Palace was just the way we left it.


There was a little event going on. The main event was on Sunday the 5th where the voice actors came, but frankly I wasn’t the least bit interested in the 3D section. I instead came on the actual day itself. There were 77 pieces of cake left for today. An auspicious number indeed.


I got ticket number 2! Hurray for twins on Tuesday.


We met up with other Lucky Star fans, and had some awesome birthday cake for Kagami and Tsukasa.


The other guys brought some of their 1/4 statues too for photography. I made sure to take advantage of the very good lighting conditions.


They are extremely cute yes. But Kagami is cutest.


Also there was this awesome Kagami cushion sitting conspicuously on a table nearby in the cafe.


The cake was awesome, and Kagami agrees. We had some good noms.


As usual since it was Tanabata as well, a whole lot of people put their wishes up to be sent to the star-crossed lovers to be granted.


Many people were wishing for a second season. Since Altair is about 16 light years away, it’ll probably take a while for this wish to be granted.


More wishes for a second season. I put one up too.


Some random Russian guy cheering for Aikatsu. The text reads (based off my broken understanding of Cyrillic):

“Daisuki na Natsuki Mikuruga, Aikatsu 8 ni tousen shimasu youni!! Aikatsu Saikou!”


Even more second season wishes.


At this point the laws of physics might as well go to hell and let the wish come true.


This being a shrine, there was no lack of emas with wishes written on them.


A nice 4-combo of great ema art.


This one seemed to have come on last month.


Of course, due to the latest Kagami cosplaying Kaga from Kancolle craze, we get some great crossover art as well.


Someone sends wishes to Washinomiya town too


More Aircraft Carrier Kagami art.


Kagami as a Miko art as well. You can see the Washinomiya shrine fields in the background.


More Kagami. This one says his circle finally got into Comiket and hopes he gets his stuff out in time for Summer.


Lots more great emas with the main cast from Lucky Star


This one deserves some mention as one of the most coloured ema tied up today.


My buddies Matt and Jes also put up a great ema earlier this year, its still there because its awesome!


We left pretty early since I had to go to work, but after a bit of chit chatting and enjoying the little celebration, it was a great start to the day.

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