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So I found out about this show pretty late and just watched the last episode last night. I must say its been a great ride. This is one of the better zombie apocalypse shows I have watched and I love every moment with the characters in it.

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Kurumi has got to be one of the bravest girls in anime ever. When you're the only one who can take on zombies that were lethal to almost everyone and are responsible for keeping everyone safe, I can only imagine a few people who could stay sane under that kind of pressure.

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While they changed the story quite a bit for the anime adaptation, I feel that it is still a very well done show. They tried their best to fit in whatever they could from the manga.

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One of the biggest things for me was how much diligence they kept doing all the things people in normal situations would do, including having a graduation ceremony. Even under normal circumstances these things would be a chore. Under the stress of having to survive, people would normally forego all these entirely.

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But because of that, they are the last students ever to graduate from the school. Given their choices of going to Randall Corporation and Isildore University, its almost as if the author intended this as a satire of modern life, and the reluctant struggle of modern children trying to maintain their standing in a society that is full of harm.

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Perhaps the single most heartbreaking scene was when Miki finally saw Kei again, only to realize she has become a zombie too.

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And the most interesting thing I take out of this show is imagining the thoughts of those rescuers and survivors who come across what they left behind and wonder how such unlikely survivors happened and what they must have gone through throughout the time they were cut of from the rest of the human race.

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