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It's Nico's birthday today so I decided to do something special. I originally wanted to make a cake, but decided an oven was too much to get for one cake so I decided I would buy a cake and put Nico on it. Since I wanted it to be really personal, I decided I would draw Nico myself. I then proceeded to make an image that I could use.

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First of all, since I decided to put it on a cake, I needed some white chocolate to draw it on.

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So I bought some of these tablet chocolates that melt really easily.

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Basically put them into a little pan made for melting chocolate

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And then put the pan into the boiling water, allowing me to keep the temperature near 100ºC, which is the melting point of the chocolate. This lets me not overheat and burn the chocolate.

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It actually melts very quickly under this summer heat, so the chocolate melts down to a nice consistency which I can then spread.

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I put the chocolate in a bowl and grabbed myself some black food coloring powder.

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This food coloring basically dissolves in the fat and allows the chocolate to take on a nice black color that I will use for the outline.

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The resulting mixture looks like this.

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Then using some plastic cones, I start tracing the outline of the picture on another piece of wax paper.

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I had a lot of trouble keeping the outward flow of chocolate steady, so there was a lot of pushing out too much or too little. In addition, bits of the chocolate would clog up the mouth and make it hard for chocolate to come out, and sometimes it would come out the side of the mouth and curl in a strange way, so the drawing ended up like this.

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After that I take the chocolate, still in a very melted and soft state and put it into the fridge for it to set.

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After a night in the fridge, the chocolate has finally solidified. This means that it will not smear when I add more chocolate to the top.

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Now I melt even more chocolate the same way I did, but this time I don't color it and just take the liquid chocolate and spread it on top of the drawing.

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I could not really see the bottom so I was very worried the white chocolate would melt the outline and start smearing it as I spread it gently over the surface. I put this into the fridge to cool while I was at work and came home to open it.

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The result was no smearing, which I was glad to see. Alas the cake I found had no space for the white chocolate, so I just decided to make it part of my Nico shrine.

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Saa, go issho ni, NICO NICO NIIIII.

I have successfully made chocolate for best girl.

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