Picture 1 in [Nicotan]

There was a Nico-only doujin event in UDX yesterday which was basically the day after her birthday. Naturally we celebrated the birthday there too. Nicotan basically was written as にこ誕, which was short for ニコの誕生日 which means Nico's birthday. This is actually the first time the puniket guys held this event so it was bound to be awesome. Also because of its impeccable timing.

Picture 2 in [Nicotan]

There were some wonderful posters on the walls in the event. All not shy of illustrating Nico's transparent personality and how simply celebrating her birthday makes her extremely happy.

Picture 3 in [Nicotan]

Nice ones that make out how smol Nico really is. Yet under that small physical cover is a strong determination to become a real idol.

Picture 4 in [Nicotan]

No matter what you will never bring down today's main character, Nico!

Picture 5 in [Nicotan]

This picture is lewd, if you know what I mean.

Picture 6 in [Nicotan]

Nico in yutaka. Nico looks so human in this one.

Picture 7 in [Nicotan]

An overjoyed Nico is always the best Nico.

Picture 8 in [Nicotan]

Nico with cake! Apparently Neko no Shippo (cat's tail) is a company that is also celebrating the galaxy's No.1 idol in the universe.

Picture 9 in [Nicotan]

A really nice shikishi drawn by the artist for the after-event where the shikishis are then handed out in a draw. Almost every artist that had a table drew shikishis so there were actually enough to go around.

Picture 10 in [Nicotan]

Another really nice one with her in a really nice bokuhika-esque dress.

Picture 11 in [Nicotan]

There was cake too!

Picture 12 in [Nicotan]

And the sailor Nico cake too.

I must point out that the announcer told everyone about these cakes like this: にこのケーキは二個あります!

Picture 13 in [Nicotan]

The Sega arcades nearby were also doing Nico birthday shrines. This is the one from the big one.

Picture 14 in [Nicotan]

Naturally I had to write a birthday message to her.

Picture 15 in [Nicotan]

And then there's the small Sega near the station. They even had a soramaru book in it.

Picture 16 in [Nicotan]

Got a few things from the doujin event. I managed to win a round of rock, paper and scissors for an awesome combo of a tapestry, a cushion cover and a phone case! It was pretty amazing. This is also the first time I bought a doujin novel.

Picture 17 in [Nicotan]

The back cover of the cushion.

Picture 18 in [Nicotan]

This is what the Nico tapestry looks like.

Picture 19 in [Nicotan]

And then there was a free Ruby badge!

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