Apr 03


On a lazy Sunday afternoon I, a friend and Ruby decided to go on a trip to find the Aqours banners littering JR train stations around Tokyo. We decided to take this trip on the Yamanote Line, a large loop train line that circles most of inner Tokyo and was recently decorated with Aqours banners on its outside. This is Ruby’s trip on the Happy Party Yamanote.


Chika banner in Tokyo Station


Riko banner in Shibuya Station


Kanan banner in Hamamatsucho station


Dia banner in Shinagawa Station


You banner in Ueno Station


Yoshiko banner in Osaki Station


Hanamaru banner in Sugamo Station


Mari banner in Kanda Station


Ruby banner in Nishi-Nippori Station

There wasn’t anything extra inside the trains and after the long run we got tired so instead of taking photos of the train itself we went to get food instead.


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  1. 1. John Lee Says:

    Yo david please call me or alexander asap when you see this. We have been trying to get hold of you past week. This is ridiculous man

  2. 2. Tiago Says:

    Hi you and aika DB creator? I see you stopped the project I wanted to continue you can contact me please [email protected]

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