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So Jenova was an alien. Well, I guess its true in a way from the Japanese point of view...

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Google has attempted to make its website more safe for kids by removing the indecent pictures taken by their street view camera and replacing it with 8 bit graphics in an effort to avoid being taken down by a newly formed government agency called the National Intellectual Property Protection Legislation Enforcer.

*update* The government has started a programme to fast track the training of special agents to enforce the legislation!

*update 2* Chinese government pours water on censorship

We cannot stand for this any longer. If you wish to contribute to fighting for freedom please read more after the jump.
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Not too long ago (roughly 3 years) I wrote a simple little program that allowed me to spam this blog very quickly with posts from all sorts of anime. I decided that now I shall share it with everyone. BunnyBlogger is a blogging client that allows people to take snapshots from within the blogging client itself and post directly to their blog. It also features a live preview that updates while you write the HTML for your post. If you are so inclined, check it out at: http://labs.astrobunny.net/bunnyblogger/

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Its that time of year again where I jump on a plane and fly to the city of sails where the New Zealand anime art even of the year is held. Here is Kagami sitting pretty in Tullamarine airport waiting for our air transport to carry us out of the down under.
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My first time making Omurice before going out for sunset at the beach
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Just strolled around today around Flinders Street station. This is a picture post
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Today in Chadstone Mall, we headed out for lunch and then went to watch Cars 2. Then we noticed Borders had a clearance sale, where they were literally clearing out their store, including furniture and all.
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Melbourne's walls are littered with graffiti. There is so much graffiti around, it almost seems like spraypaint is free, and people are ignoring any form of drawings on the wall on purpose!

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Headed to Melbourne today, because I felt like it. Kagami and Akai helped me out a lot with packing for this trip. The first today was of course, Christchurch airport, where I departed.
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