Oct 22

While most of us are introverts and hikikomoris that lock ourselves in the room all day and blogging hoping that complete strangers would take notice of us and eventually make our blog famous so that we may one day become Omni and have the awesomest blogging site of the century, it seems a group of prodigal anime bloggers have made an effort to bring to the society a little more awareness of the anime blogger community. I was pretty late at finding this because RL gets in the way sometimes, but for those of you who do not yet know about the NYAF Anime Blogging Panel by Hinano, JP Meyer and DS from Daijoubu, you can watch it here: http://animediet.net/conventions/nyaf-anime-blogger-panel-the-video

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Jun 16

Alright. So I met this nice guy on IRC who told me that my BG was buggy. Yeah. I’m sure all of you noticed now. It’s not the two blue stripes anymore. It’s fixed. Anyway, check out his blog. He blogs about anime when they come out and gives his opinions on it and whether it’s worth watching or not. A good place to start if you wanna know whether or not some new thing on fansub.tv is good or not, or if you are an aspiring hikikomori/otaku.

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