Oct 11

If there’s one type of girl that has garnered an incredible amount of fandom in the anime audience nowadays, its the short, flat-chested tsundere girl. (Tsundere is an article on wikipedia, for those of you who want to know more) Somehow this type of girl has become so popular, it has become a must-have ingredient in the comedy anime genre that a significant number of anime have become runaway successes simply by exploiting the very antics of an insecure, short-tempered, egoistic girl with a childish voice, in short, tsundere. Of all the voice actors giving life to these girls, Kugimiya Rie is arguably one of the most famous seiyuu to ever play the part of these girls’ souls. This is for all of you who still aren’t seiyuu aware either because (1) you skip the OPs and EDs (2) you can’t read Japanese, and just don’t bother.

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May 02


All this while we’ve been treated to lots of soft and fluffy light anime like Lucky Star and Clannad that have lots of cute large-eyed girls and very unrealistic plots full of light comedy and the usual storyline we all know and love. Once in a while however, some really heavy and dark stuff comes around and has carves a lasting impression on us. Such anime like Full Metal Alchemist, Jigoku Shoujo and Death Note have been notable for their clean, yet strong thrills and emotion. Mnemosyne moves up a step further, bringing to us some of the things our grandparents hate most about Hollywood movies: The sex and violence. Well, I must say this show is NOT for young kids, but I must also say, kudos Xebec, they have done it this time.

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