Dec 23

Everyone’s really busy today trying to get stuff tied up for friday!
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Jun 23

Once again, its Hina’s birthday. However, unlike last time, this time everyone’s at school celebrating Hinamatsuri. It must be a new event in Hakuou, regardless of what they said in the anime, since Hinagiku didn’t participate last year.
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May 17

Yes. I’m ranting about artwork here. What do you think of the newly designed character? I think its just a load of sexual crap. The plugsuit looks like 2 hands touching her breasts and the suit breaks away from the more simplistically styled original plugsuits that Rei and Asuka wear, and has extra frills which shouldn’t even be there. Not to mention the new character looks like she’s from a totally different anime. I wonder if the movie is going to be polluted by this girl like a glaring ball of light that was pasted half-heartedly onto an otherwise legendary harmonic collage of emotion, action and evangelion.

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May 09

After picking up my pencil, I simply cannot stop drawing. Here’s to Nagato in a plugsuit, ready to pilot EVA-07. Discuss.

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Apr 30

A bandaged Ayanami has appeared! I wonder if I should rescue her and make her fall in love with me. そんなわけないだろう。(TL: there’s no way that could happen). Of course, she would stay emotionless and distant and look at you with unfocused eyes. She seems to be sleeping soundly right now. I wonder if I should wake her up.
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Apr 07

After rewatching the entire series again, the same anime that puzzled me once heavily continues to puzzle me. Either I haven’t grown up enough to understand it yet, or I simply do not relate to it. The anime had such a good start. Sad as I am to admit it, this isn’t my kind of anime. Though, there was one saving grace of it which made me continue to love it so, despite longing for a nicer and less abstract ending… not Shinji strangling Asuka. Episode 26’s 10 minute skit of an alternate universe continues to capture my heart.
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Apr 05

Lonely Rei seems to have lost her way and finds herself on the Mai Room HQ Command Center. She’s probably thinking it rains in here too.
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