Jun 01

Hajimari no asa ni hikaare.

This is by far a very very big favorite for me, particularly because it is always used to wrap up some really awesome finishing scene or cliffhanger, and also because I’ve gotten addicted to it, I just open youtube for the sake of listening to this song. Or maybe its just because Hojo Kuniko is so awesome.
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Jun 13

I know I’m a little late but bj0rN has started another AFM contest! He’s going to enter national service soon (read: The Army) so he’s gonna need all the support he can get! Go now and make him a song that he’ll sing in the shower in the barracks! Of course, you’ll also get to hear many other people singing away in their favorite tunes. Join now and let us bring t3h love to the people!

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May 05


I’ve always been a fan of good music, and good music usually means alternative music to me. Most of the time, pop music is really cool and okay to listen to, but it gets dry and sickening after a while and prompts me to go around searching for other better and more creative forms of music. I didn’t have to go far however, back in 2005 I discovered a techno band from Sapporo that created some wonderful music, and they associated themselves with cute-sounding voices and anime, which made them all the more appealing to me. This band, is… well you guess it. IOSYS.

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Nov 02


Once again, the Anime Fan Music Contest returns with an awesome new selection of songs from fanboys and fangirls waving their anime fandom flamboyantly in front of the Internet. Feast your ears on fan-sung versions of anime songs created by those not content with only listening and watching anime characters. Aspiration is a great thing, but I find that what makes what we do complete all the fun we had joining this contest! Go to bj0rN’s blog now and VOTE to vote for your favorite song! Make your opinion count and be part of a show to the world that anime rules at AFM2: THE COMEBACK.

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Oct 31

Hatsune Miku = win!

I have finally gotten off my lazy butt to actually do some real blogging. Before you guys read this, here’s a short disclaimer for the post. I wrote this post because I listed out my favorite songs so far before this season but I never got around to doing it. As such, this list doesn’t include any of the songs that have come out this Fall. Also, this is a list of MY favorites, so I turned bias on full and put all my fanboyism on full exposure. Why did I write this post? Because I can. Here goes…

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May 24

Hayate no Gotoku
Woot. Finally done. I think the paper is so oily with my fingerprints on it now. Anyway, presenting, the lyrics for Hayate no Gotoku. Hayate no Gotoku OP by KOTOKO. That took quite a bit of time. But it was great kanji exercise for me haha.

Click here for the lyrics!

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May 23

Yes. The moment of truth has come. Today, 2 CDs which are very important to the wellbeing of otakus all over the world have just come out to tame their insatiable need for the full, lossless, quality and fullness of the music constantly mixed in with a flurry of wonderful images of their favorite characters in every opening sequence. Yes. Today, is the release date for Motteke! Se-ra-fuku and Hayate no Gotoku singles. I bet the CD stores in Japan won’t even need to allocate shelves for these 2 CDs, since they will be taken the moment they come out of the boxes.

Now that these are released, all I have to wait for is another one more that I’ve been wanting to listen to too. Its Hayate no Gotoku’s ED theme music Proof by Mize.

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May 18

Today, I finally got around to transferring some of the lyrics from my old website here. I’ve got like all the lyrics for all the versions of Happy Material sung for Mahou Sensei Negima, but I haven’t done them yet. Anyway, I’ve got January up, once I finish my homework, I would probably be able to pull the other ones up as well woot.

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May 17

Lucky Star Characters
Kudos to Funnyy08 and the guys at 2ch for sharing the lyrics for all of us to enjoy ^^ To all Konata-worshipping otakus, presenting, the fan-transliterated lyrics of Motteke! Sailor Fuku (もってけ!セーラーふく)Lyrics are HERE ^^;

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Apr 20

Suzumiya Haruhi is officially being worshipped by people from “all walks of life”, as us AZNs would say it, and with the Hare Hare Yukai being danced by boys and girls from the east to west, if 1 YouTube Vid would spring out from every 100 occurences of a craze, then Haruhi, in the Pop culture, or rather OTAKU culture sense, is a God, as pronounced by Itsuki. (no I disclaim saying that she is a true God, or that God is a Girl[Otakus, plz don’t stalk me]) Well, I, who so happens to be one of the guys at the side watching this craze go on, has found a few youtube videos of rather creative versions of the Hare hare yukai. Yes. There are many super, hyper, ultra bad videos on youtube, estimated to be in the thousands. I assure you, these videos have been hand picked by sessha to for your entertainment. Enjoy.

Original dance

Rockman version of the dance

Busou Shinki (the fella is seriously too free)

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