Jun 04

Haruhi goes >.>. For those of you who don’t come from Singapore or Malaysia, ‘sian’ has a meaning that is pretty close to ‘frustrated’. When we feel frustrated, we usually go ‘SIAN ARH’ and do the >.> face. Hence, Haruhi is feeling frustrated that her love interest Kyon doesn’t appreciate her fine art.

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Mar 18

Somehow I just keep going back to watching Shugo Chara Season 1. Its just so memorable, you want to live it over and over again. In all honesty, I think that season 1 was still better than season 2. Making season 2 any more exciting or memorable would be quite a tall order considering the amount of fillers aired so far, and how incongruous the story has become. Not to mention the stupendous amount of ads and merchandise commercials that surround their airing these days (and the horrible Sentai-style Heart Unlocks >.>;). I want my old Amu back…
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