Picture 1 in [O_O day]

Hayate 24's main feature is a very cute very chibi Hinagiku. Not so much the tsundere character but more the altophobic Hinagiku. She gets dragged around a lot this episode so its not really appealing. I prefer her when she's a bit more assertive. Not that much blushing either, so there wasn't much appeal on that side.

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Picture 1 in [Hamster-chan is quite respectable]

Contrary to what her public attire often suggests, Ayumu has got quite a respectable body shape. Whether or not this is likely to disappoint existing fans is yet to be known, but of course, other alternatives exist.

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Picture 1 in [Day of Eavesdropping]

A Bakaouple has appeared! Another nonsense episode for a nonsense day.

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