Picture 1 in [K-ON Real Life Imitations]

Today, while waiting to watch K-ON, I occupied myself with various real life attempts to bring the OP and ED to life. Quite surprisingly, after merely 4 weeks of airing, there's so much stuff out there its hard to imagine that most of the people who watch K-ON aren't exactly musicians. Furthermore, it seems this anime has had the effect of driving up guitar sales in certain places too. Oh well. This post contains some of the better K-ON music videos of people playing the OP and ED.

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Picture 1 in [Lucky Star Band]

My very own 軽音楽部 (keiongakubu).

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Picture 1 in [K-ON! Let There Be Music!]

I must say that after watching the first EP of K-ON, I feel like I was exposed to a sudden rush of pure win again. Not because the story was good or anything, or that KyoAni's art strikes again, but because its about a band, and the ending theme Don't Say "Lazy" is fukken awesome!

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Found some great vids today played by someone callim himself Geno-killer. He plays 2 good songs from Toradora with the precision and style of a professional bass player. The internet is such a pot of gold, I wonder what else there is to be found...

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