Picture 1 in [Seitokai no Neta]

This is a picture post. Comment to say what references to what. And I missed out a few can you guess which they are?

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Picture 1 in [A certain SCIENCE RAILGUN]

Despite this being just a spinoff of Toaru Majutsu no Index, I'm so looking forward to this because it emphasizes MISAKA. That's right. There's something about electricity that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. That's probably why I'm an electrical engineer.

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Picture 1 in [Shugo Chara is Awesome]

I'll tell you what I like about Shugo Chara, and its not the millions of doujins spawned about the kind of underaged contact a small (I hope) community seems to fancy. But its how they make being good kids look so cool. I must admit, Shugo Chara is sometimes embarrasing, but often they make very very good points about some very good ideals and show the consequences of not upholding these ideals.

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Picture 1 in [The figmas Danced For Me Today]

Kagami and Tsukasa decided to put a little show on for me today. They must've been practicing hard, since sometimes when I catch Kagami jumping around she'd like go "I'm not doing anything!" and storm off angrily. But I didn't know what that was all about anyway so I just shrugged. It turns out it was this.

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Picture 1 in [Astrobunny Approves]

Who cares about the rest of the show when the OP's this good? So what if the latter half of the show is full of eyecatches and freezes because the artists didn't make the episode in time? This is enough epic win to last for 30 minutes!

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How many of them can you identify?

Thanks Shia!

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Picture 1 in [Doujin Overload 2009]

This weekend I made a trip up to Auckland to have a look at Doujin Overload, an attempt made by a small anime shop and aspiring anime artists to cultivate a culture of doujin creation similar to the one in Japan, where the Comic Market comes to mind.

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Picture 1 in [Yuu is teh awesomest thing in the world]

Don't you DARE say no.

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Picture 1 in [The Melancholy of Alicia Melchiott]

Those of you who watch Valkyria Chronicles just for Alicia raise your hand. *raises hand*. One comes to wonder how a girl of such a pedigree would end up joining the armed forces. Whats more, she's still allowed to wear that weird red hat with her twintails. Aren't those annoying when you're in a pinch on the battlefield!?

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