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We all know Akane enjoyed this.

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written by astrobunny \\ akane, blush, dere, dirty, gun, hot, megane, misunderstand, misunderstanding, natsuru, thoughts, vulgar

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Picture 2 in [Kampfer reminds me of Shuffle]

And the title reminds me of K-ON. Its apparently a harem anime about a bunch of girls fighting for an as of yet undisclosed reason (though I'm sure said reason must be a really good one >.>) Though, I only watch anime for the pretty girls who aren't shameless bitches and who actually talk softly.

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written by astrobunny \\ akane, bending, comedy, fighting, gay, gender, gun, harem, k-on, kam[fer, mishima, moe, natsuru, pseudo pseudo trap, trap, zauber

Picture 1 in [tsundere + twintails + guns part 2]

We met and you were the worst fool
My anger for you will never cool
I could just drown you in a pool
But you are more useful as a mule.

And sometimes I wish I never found
you for your foolishness is too profound
I can't stand how my heart pounds
at the sight of you and at your sounds

... still if the sky comes down on you
I'll make sure that your dream comes true
For once I have something to keep too
to love, protect and to help you through

Thanks Suicider, for the amazing pic!

written by astrobunny \\ gun, kagami, tsundere, twintail

Picture 1 in [Tsundere + twintail + gun = win?]

Sometimes you need to shoot
for more bullets and for food
I can't take things that suit my mood
but anything I can take is good.

People say the world is rough
I think you need to be tough
I need to scream "I've had enough"
Even if it makes people laugh

You need to be there to have a say
Or you'll let people have their way
Sometimes they call me tsundere
But I just do things my own way

Sometimes nice people come around
And some people I need to pound
Kicking asses to hear the sound
Is a hobby of mine, and your the next round.

written by astrobunny \\ box, gun, kagami