Picture 1 in [Doujin Overload 2010]

Doujin Overload again! This year I was much less of a stalker and more of a seller, and only thanks to a trusty sidekick was I able to run around with a knifecamera and find more gold for myself!

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Picture 1 in [Loot from Tokyo]

I finally got around to unpacking my suitcase which was completely filled with my figures. Besides the 12 books of doujins I got from the upstairs of Toranoana, one of my favorite shops in Akihabara. I also peered up the many stairwells to find figures that I could not find on online sites that struck my fancy, and I came across quite a few.

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Picture 1 in [Armaggeddon Auckland 2009]

Yes folks, I iz in AKL infiltratingz ur armegedonz. Armaggeddon Auckland was quite a bit bigger than Armaggeddon Christchurch, but contrary to my expectations, apparent anime fandom is not directly proportional to the size of the event. Here's my scoop on this event that I was actually heavily anticipating.

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I think I just saw the future of live musical entertainment.

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[flashvideo filename=http://www.astrobunny.net/movies/loveiswar.flv width=500 height=375 /]

Awesome rendition from a presumably Japanese girl with an awesome voice. Though there are claims that she is Russian, but the lack of proof isn't very helpful. Enjoy.

Thanks Bj0rn!

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Picture 1 in [figma Hatsune Miku]

A while ago I finally managed to get my hands on Hatsune Miku, thanks to Max Factory actually going on and producing it for the 3rd time. For those of you who missed out on getting this figma (which I was in grave danger of) I guess its eBay for you.

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Picture 1 in [Woot Moar Loot]

Today Nagato and Kyonko noticed a certain anomaly in the room. Looks like Haruhi is getting bored and invoking her powers again. Come to think of it, it has been a while since Haruhi stepped up to the plate. Maybe its because of a certain mid-year exam crunch going on, or maybe she just found something interesting to do at the time?

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Picture 1 in [Kagami Cosplay Figma GET!]

Tsundere x Awesome = Win Win Win. The Epitome of Beauty and Harmony of the Universe has finally come upon us! Tsundere princess Kagami has finally appeared in our physical world mixed in with the internet idol Hatsune Miku, the current Goddess of Sound! Finally tangible, we must all praise Good Smile Company highly for creating such an awesome figma. Let us not forget Kyoto Animation too, which pulled off one of the most amazing cosplay mixups in anime history! Kagami and Miku is a harmonization akin to the combined singing of the Muses. More pics after the jump.

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Picture 1 in [Kagamin Cosplay Figma GET]

It has recently come to my attention that Good Smile Company is in charge of building the latest object of my dreams. Kagami cosplaying Hatsune Miku could just become the fastest selling figma on record. Kagamin's popularity is no longer held to doubt as the tsundere, who finds akiba-keis profoundly repulsive, has been forced to cosplay another recent digital idol known as Hatsune Miku

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