Picture 1 in [Oh Another Seitokai]

Lately I've been getting the feeling that anime is trying to portray student councils as a small group of decisionmakers very detached from the rest of the student body and who constantly create their own clique and meet in isolation to discuss the most random things. Could this actually be true about Japanese high schools in general? Is this a satirical work of writers who find no respect in their old schools' councils? Or are stories written this way just for the sake of comedy?

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Picture 1 in [Tsuchida Sensei no Baka!]

23 ****ary ****day 20*0

"Okay, so Tsuchida-sensei is like, dense and all, but I don't see why no matter how often I hint him, he never makes his move. Are boys these days liek, allergic to girls or something?"

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