Picture 1 in [Drossel Repairs My Hard Disk]

Recently, a spate of hard drive failures and other inconsistencies in my main computer has impaired my ability to watch anime and fap to hentai perform useful work. However, amongst my companions are two very trustworthy and highly technical people: Drossel and Nagato. We will see how well they do to fix my PC in these times of desperate need.

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Picture 1 in [Far Seer GET]

While I was packing, Drossel was inspecting my new telephoto lens to make sure there weren't any defects so I can post some appropriate feedback and make sure I don't bring a broken piece of glass to Tokyo.

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Picture 1 in [Figma Drossel]

Not too long ago I was crying on Kagami's shoulders about not being able to get figma Drossel because it was completely sold out and my preorder could not be met. I personally found that excuse from the store quite unreasonable, since it really sounded like they were trying to hoard them because they were rare. Oh well. A good thing Max Factory did the right thing and re-released it again for poor people like us whose preorders were ignored.

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