Picture 1 in [Anime Japan 2015]

With the advent of my Facebook account, my blog has regressed into a state of neglect, so I intend to post more of my stuff now on this blog instead. Last weekend I attended Anime Japan 2015 which was held at Tokyo Big Sight. After a whole night of endless karaoke and otaku shenanigans, the first train was not to hard to take, so I arrived early for the queue.
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Picture 1 in [Haruhi-chan OP Lyrics]

I'm sure everyone has already warmed up quite nicely to Kadokawa's youtube airing of their short series Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu. To be honest, I think the comical and sktechy approach to it is a very nice change to KyoAni's magical production, and Haruhi being depicted as being clumsy and rushy is gaining popularity with me. Also, the OP (Imamade no Arasuji) is catchy too, and I am just a sucker for good OPs. And with Great OPs comes Great Lyrics. Lyrics after the break. (Don't get me wrong. The animators are STILL KyoAni)

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