Picture 1 in [Black Haired Shana figma EX002]

Dengeki has finally decided to get Max Factory to make a figma that has Shana's original form! This is a special edition figma though, which was only available via magazine order through Dengeki. I managed to get my hands on one though, through voodoo magic taught by the witches at world's end. She isn't EXTREMELY different from the red haired Shana, but its nice and refreshing to see a normal Shana once in a while.

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Picture 1 in [Seto San Figma]

Today, after obtaining yet another 4 boxes, I was in a slight pinch. I wanted to blog about a figma tonight, but I didn't know what to. Thanks to Novajinx, NotokawaiiyoNoto, Jaser and Ineser, it seems a small impromptu vote on various channels I came up with had Seto winning 4-2 to the Witch Nagato figma. So, since Seto won, its her turn to get the welcome figma treatment.

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