Picture 1 in [Anti-climax climax, one-episode final battle fail ending]

Not to mention it needs moar Felli. WTF is this, I turn on the TV and all of a sudden its the biggest fight in the world, when only last episode everyone was wondering what was going on and they fired the Kayrawr-Kannon once and pseudo-killed the monster, only to get 2 more. And what was with the dog faces anyway? Seriously is Regios going to end just like this after all that hype in NewType?

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Picture 1 in [Regios Needs Moar Felli]

Felli was given almost ZERO air time this episode. Did the artists lose control of their hands or something? An episode without Felli is an episode FAILED. Thankfully however, this episode does not fail because it still has Felli. But it is very close to being FAIL in my books.

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Picture 1 in [The legs... It HAS to be the legs...]

The lack of Felli in the episodes following episode 4 is giving me withdrawal symptoms. I'm not sleeping very well right now so I'll make this short. Also, I think I've realized the reason I enjoyed Regios so much since I first started watching it. ITS THE LEGS.

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Picture 1 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

Felli is probably the ONLY thing that is keeping me watching Regios. The immense suspense in waiting for her to show up with her tsundere antics is almost akin to waiting for an eclipse to occur so you can take photographs of it, minus most of the wait, because the anime is just FULL of Felli, and I'm definitely not complaining.

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