Picture 1 in [Everyone is a Hypocrite]

One of the great things about Junketsu no Maria is how much it examines the crappiness of people. There is so much facepalm to be had against the people in the story blatantly blurting out things that people nowadays still do but don't say. This isn't about the witch at all. Its about how ugly everything just is.
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Picture 1 in [Maria the Neglected]

I've always been interested in how kids end up when they are neglected by their parents to the point where they have to go out and buy food on their own. Happily, a specimen (although fictional) is available here. She becomes an occult geek, and so influences her younger cousin, Ange too.

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Picture 1 in [The Elephant in the Room]

"Gawd. Why'd they have to keep these huge and dangerous animals as pets?" says Nagi.
"I don't understand either, since they are alll huge and dangerous" says Maria.

It was, and still is amazing and shocking how often people ignore the elephant/tiger in the room. If I didn't know better I'd say this is satire for real life. An example comes out of the internet and webmaster talk itself. Many people talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization for those of you who aren't so inclined) of their websites. They hold conferences and talk about Yahoo, Google and Microsoft's search engines. The thing is, when people talk about search engines, they really only mean one thing. Google.

The fact that Google dominated this side of the internet so completely and so quickly is something most people cannot yet fathom. It's so great, so overpowering, like how dubs are so horrible, that it is in the rebellious nature of humans to deny it. No one really wants to admit it. But when I say search engine, the first thing that comes to mind, is Google no matter where you live.

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Picture 1 in [I KNEW IT]

SEE, I knew it! Roy's not the kind of non-homounculus person to kill out of rage.
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Picture 1 in [Maria sure is a popular name]

Picture 2 in [Maria sure is a popular name]

Picture 3 in [Maria sure is a popular name]

Mhm. Three shows. And I don't even watch that much anime nowadays.

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Picture 1 in [Maria Ushiromiya is so cute]

I mean, look at her. She is so cute. Look at those adorable babyteeth and see how joyfully she smiles. Truly an angel. Of course, I'm not endorsing pedophillia or anything, I am just a big fan of lolis. I mean, if you aren't you probably aren't human.

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Picture 1 in [Do you believe?]

Personally, knowing Roy Mustang, I think he put up a bluff so he can extract information from Maria. I don't see him being that irrational. Though I could be wrong.

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Picture 1 in [Umineko no Naku Koro ni]

A murder mystery game made by the same people that brought us Higurashi no Naku Koro ni has now been made into an anime as well. And I must that I was never so surprised when I started watching this one. Umineko no Naku Koro ni has got this awesome OP that so gets me into the mood for a murder mystery. Three episodes have passed so far, and I wonder whose alibi isn't sound...

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