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When I first started watching Toradora I thought all it was was just another moe flick like Hayate no Gotoku with no real story or another novel adaptation that was just made to sell merchandise licenses with like Zero no Tsukaima or a failure of an anime with a rushed ending like Shana (and ZnT). Contrary to my expectations, it turned out to be really good. And its not just good because it exceeded my very low expectations for it, but it was good because it actually impressed me more than CLANNAD, which was made by the gods at KyoAni itself. It turns out even commoners can shine.

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Toradora is getting dark. I LIKE IT. It's about time the story has thrown away its total comedy policy and give us some serious drama and development. I was surprised when Kihara started becoming really aggressive in attempting to be with Kitamura, though I don't see her having any plan to take advantage of it. Meanwhile, the entire class has been lagging on the love tangle that's going on now and it's not helping.


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[flashvideo filename=http://www.astrobunny.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/moruze\_minori.flv /]

If anyone of you has watched Toradora 5, you'd take this video to heart. This video, splendidly composed using Yui Horie's best performance yet, captures the true spirit of Minori and her off-tune singing, with some parrot and Taiga yawn thrown into the mix. This piece of gold is truly a reminder of how precious a treasure trove the Internet is. Enjoy.


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Picture 1 in [The many forms of Minorin]

Minorin is very quickly becoming my favorite girl in Toradora. Such a bubbly girl is hard to find these days. All of the girls that walk around are either emo-zombies or cynical brats who think that life in the world is hard and gossip and hate everyone around them. That, and being able to work so many part time jobs is nothing short of amazing. Hell, I wonder where she gets all that energy from. I can't even harness enough energy to blog every day! Pics after the jump.

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