Picture 1 in [Nano goes to school]

I've never seen a girl so happy to go to school before. Its amazing how similar she looks to a person who got his first job. I'M FINALLY NORMAL!
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written by astrobunny \\ mio, nano, nichijou, normal, school, uniform, yakisaba, yakisoba, yukko

Picture 1 in [To Aru NORMAL na GIRL]

Saten is so much love. The reason? Well I don't know. I guess its just because she's normal? Correct me if I'm wrong but for some reason she feels more real than any other character in Railgun.

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written by astrobunny \\ 0, depression, esper, ganbatte, komoe, level, level 0, normal, peer, pressure, railgun, realization, saten, work hard