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Yes folks, I iz in AKL infiltratingz ur armegedonz. Armaggeddon Auckland was quite a bit bigger than Armaggeddon Christchurch, but contrary to my expectations, apparent anime fandom is not directly proportional to the size of the event. Here's my scoop on this event that I was actually heavily anticipating.

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How many of them can you identify?

Thanks Shia!

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Yep this is a post about nothing. There are days when your mind goes blank and you simply don't have anything to write about, or you couldn't be bothered looking too far for material. Well, this is what you do when you have nothing to write about. Just make something up, or do something else. For me, I've had the chance to talk to a fairly inspirational guy known as Aroduc, and he told me to write about nothing, so I did.

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