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Poor Nagato, despite being an alien linked to a somewhat all-knowing data lifeform, she is still very much a human being by nature, but being aware of a neverending loop and experiencing it more than 15000 times is sure to drive even the hardiest of human beings beyond insanity.

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Hayate 9 is another one of those nonsense episodes which sometimes make you wonder why you even watch it. But its scenes like these that make all your wasted time watching silly things worth it. But! It seems we've been given quite a decent sneak preview of whats coming up next, which may or may not be as much a waste of time as this episode is:

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Haruhi's Back. God's Back, along with the alien, the time traveller and the esper. However, the magic that accompanied her and her little brigade wasn't there anymore. Perhaps the hype died after waiting for such a long time, or perhaps it takes a while for it to build back up again... It is interesting enough however, to think an ordinary series with no special effects and just short explanations of random paranormal occurrences would create enough energy to garner a following akin to religion.

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This is a Hayate post. Those of you eagerly awaiting season 2 are given a small appetizer of what's coming up in this OVA. For those of you who are waiting for subs however, don't continue reading since this post is just going to spoil it for you. This post is just a post scraping together what little win the episode has, and turns it into a collection of the meagre memories of the entre to the 2nd season.

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