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I think all of you still remember Toradora. Best 2008 drama ever. Here's some techno to liven it up a bit again.

Thanks Ume!

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Picture 1 in [Armageddon Christchurch 2010]

Second day of Armageddon and the queue that was characteristic of the even yesterday was gone. Today lots of people were already inside by the time we arrived. Somehow.

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Picture 1 in [Happy Cirno Day]

There should've been a better picture here, but I ended up having to use the older one I drew yesterday, because I lost my last one on a browser crash. It was meant to be this post's picture too, but since it was a comment post, not a trace of it was left. I guess stuff like this happens. But on the bright side, I just unearthed 300 soldiers of Cirno celebrating her Perfect Math Class on a hiroba of Aichi. Check it out.


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I just died.

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